Sana Fakhar Faces FBR About her Foreign Trips

Sana Fakhar faces FBR inquiry about her foreign trips


The bold and beautiful actress Sana Fakhar was under the radar of the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR). As FBR started an investigation of her assets after her foreign trips.

Sana Fakhar Faces FBR About her Foreign Trips

According to the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), FIA Director Integrated Border Management System (IBMS) was issued a written letter about film star Sana Fakhar for her overseas trips during the last five years.

Sana Fakhar Faces FBR About her Foreign Trips

The Yeh Dil Apka Hoa actress revealed Rs.13,05,890 in details of her income in 2019. However, she paid Rs. 79,759 in tax returns that same year. She also provided details of her property income in statements.

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What’s the issue?

According to Pakistani tax laws, people with assets or income abroad have the option to pay taxes in Pakistan or the relevant country. This is to relieve people from having to pay taxes twice, by paying it once in one place.

In this regard, countries even have agreements to share taxation details and prevent tax evasion by foreign ex-pats and overseas citizens.

So the question lies here is that Sana Fakhar possibly involved in tax evasion. Maybe it’s all a misunderstanding because earlier, FBR has served tax evasion notices to actresses Saba Qamar, Noor, and singer Freiha Altaf.

Moreover, Pakistan’s most popular singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan also landed in hot waters a few years back due to tax evasion. However, the matter was brushed off when it turned out these artists weren’t guilty of tax evasion.

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A glimpse of Sana’s life

Sana Fakhar joined the showbiz in 1995 and soon win the hearts of Pakistani people. She is now a renowned actress and model. In industry, she is also known as a biker girl as she owns a Harly Davidson Iron 883. Her hobbies include Marshal arts, swimming, horse riding, biking, and traveling as well.

Sana Fakhar Faces FBR About her Foreign Trips

She got married to Fakhar Imam in 2008. Fakhar Imam is a model and actor by profession. The couple blessed with two sons named Azi Imam and Rayaan Imam.

Sana Fakhar Faces FBR About her Foreign Trips

Sana seems too happy with her marital life. Earlier in an interview, she revealed the reason behind her successful married life is that ‘she believes getting married increased a woman’s dignity’. Moreover, she said the secret of a peaceful life is a good understanding between husband and wife.

Sana Fakhar Faces FBR About her Foreign Trips

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