Samsung to set up Smartphone Assembly Plant in Pakistan


Now Reading: Samsung to set up Smartphone Assembly Plant in Pakistan

The Minister for Industries and Production – Hammad Azhar – has stated that Samsung is looking forward to setting up a smartphone assembly plant in Pakistan. The Federal Minister revealed this move by the South Korean tech giant via a tweet on Friday.

Earlier this year, the federal cabinet had approved a “Mobile Device Manufacturing Policy” in hopes of promoting indigenous smartphone production in the country. This production would be carried out via direct local or foreign investments and joint ventures. The policy had claimed to be reducing phone costs and increase exports through localisation and by offering tax breaks and incentives. Now with this announcement by Hammad Azhar, it seems like the policy actually bore some fruit.

“Smartphone production in Pak is multiplying following DIRBS implementation and Mobile Policy launched recently,” said the Minister in the tweet. Hammad Azhar tweeted this after a meeting with Samsung Pakistan’s MD and CEO. He added that both of them appreciated the government’s policies and efforts and were now actively considering setting up a smartphone assembly plant in Pakistan.

Exponential Increase in Smartphone Production in Pakistan

Aside from the mobile policy that had been prepared by the Engineering Development Board (EDB) – a techno-economic arm of the Ministry of Industries and Production (MoIP) – and launched by the Economic Coordination Committee (ECC), the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) implementation of Device Identification, Registration and Blocking System (DIRBS) has also exponentially increased the production of smartphones in Pakistan recently.

This is evident by the fact that around 14 smartphone companies are producing handsets in the country as of right now. Though it is important to note that most of them are still developing 2G devices. The policy’s aim is to further incentivize the production of smartphones with 3G, 4G and eventually, 5G technologies as well.

Not only this but earlier this year, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) ranked Pakistan as a 4th Generation Regulator (G4). This makes it the only country in South Asia to have achieved this status. For more context, out of the 38 economies in Asia-Pacific, only about 8% have are entitled to the G4 status.

Source: ITU

Furthermore, in the ITU report called “Global ICT Regulatory Outlook 2020 (GIRO)”, Pakistan is also among the top five regulators in the Asia-Pacific region. Globally, it stands at number 48 in ranking. Data provided by 193 countries forms the basis of “ICT Regulatory Tracker” and also builds the GIRO. This emphasizes its credibility as an evidence-based tool to help decision-makers and regulators monitor the ICT regulation’s rapid evolution. Thus for Pakistan to rank that high in its ranking proves that the government’s policies are working as intended.


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