Rubina, Mother Of Two, Murdered By Influential People In Jalalpur Pirwala


Now Reading: Rubina, Mother Of Two, Murdered By Influential People In Jalalpur Pirwala

Rubina Mujahid was a resident of Tehsil Jalalpur Pirwala in District Multan. She was a domestic servant by profession in Karachi. Along with her husband and two children, Rubina had come to her village in Multan to spend her vacation time. Unfortunately, that vacation came to be very short lived as she got in to a minor argument with some influential people on harming her 2 year old son.

On that minor argument, Rubina was brutally beaten up by them. She suffered very heavy injuries. Her poor husband – Mujahid – ran from hospital to hospital carrying his fatally injured wife in an effort to save her life. Sadly, Rubina couldn’t survive for long and eventually succumbed to her injuries. At the time, she was also pregnant with a baby who died along with her in her womb.


Application Submitted To The DSP Of Jalalpur Pirwala

An application was submitted to DSP Irshad of Jalalpur Pirwala for a medical examination report along with a request for registration of an FIR of the event. The application also had names of the attackers mentioned, which included Ashraf s/o Wasaya alongside others. Aside from a follow-up, no action was taken at first on the situation. No FIR was filed either. Though fortunately, later on, Chairman of Human Rights Commission (Pakistan) & International Human Rights (Islamabad) Observers pressurized the case after which the FIR was finally filed.

The FIR was filed under section 302 and 338C, for murder and for being the cause of miscarriage of a formed child respectively. Along with this, the main culprit Ashraf was taken into custody.


Late Rubina’s Husband THREATENED

Our society is in such a state that even after getting arrested, influential people are backing up the culprit. At first, they were stopping the police from registering the FIR. But after pressure from authorities, the FIR finally got submitted. Now, they are threatening to kill Rubina’s husband. In an application that the police refused to receive, Mujahid mentioned that his life is being threatened and needs protection as his and his children’s lives are at stake.

To make matters worse, the Court of Law has granted interim bails till 25th June to the alleged murderers of Rubina and her unborn formed child.



In a country where such long bails are granted to people involved in a 302/338C case, people have started taking it upon themselves to push the government to take action. Human Rights Activist, Amna Nadeem has requested everyone to take a pledge to give Rubina and their family justice.

Meanwhile Waqar Zaka has taken to his platform to ask the authorities to look further in to this case as well.

A petition for #JusticeForRubina has also been started which you can sign here.

It is such a shame that cases like these get lost in the sea of viral social media news just because they involve poor, unknown people. Let’s use our platforms to raise voice for these needy people in getting justice.


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