RFID Number plates are introduced in Islamabad

RFID Number plates are introduced in Islamabad


Islamabad is now introducing Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) plates for cars to control the global level, counter-terrorism activities and enforce traffic management. This initiative will also increase the income level by helping the authorities for tracking down the delinquent.

This project was discussed and finalized after a few meetings held between Islamabad Safe city project and the Islamabad exercise department. Because there were difficulties in the adjustment of uniform registration plates in our country, so the decision was made to adopt the global standards by presenting the RFID registration plates as an alternate solution.

The Interior Ministry and The Exercise Department are also working on the conjoining the database of registration numbers so that each province could have an easy gain on the compact data. Furthermore, some adjustments are required to be made to bring the Constitution under the Federal Government. Besides, the Provincial Exercise Departments have some settlements with different manufacturers who make and provide the registration plates to them.

This amazing facility will comfort the authorities as to the RFID plates can trace the exact location of the car in case the car is being robbed. The police and their Officials of the city become noticed in case the RFID plate is being removed from the vehicle. It would also help the authorities in case the RFID plate is being changed with a fake number plate. Excise department director Bilal Azam said that the RFID plates would be presented as the 3rd number plate, a technology being used all over the world, will be installed on the front windscreen of the vehicles.

This system would improve the revenue collections as the defaulters will be traced through it. Earlier initiatives were taken to introduce the e-challan system in Islamabad. Please let us know what do you think about these new traffic rules in the capital.

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