Mirza survives second attempt on his life

Religious scholar Muhammad Ali Mirza survives second attempt on his life


Pakistan’s famous Islamic scholars and Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza survived a second assassination attempt late on Sunday. The Jhelum-based preacher escaped without injuries and is safe and sound. 

How did this happen?

Sources have affirmed that Mirza was attacked during his weekly lecture on Sunday night at Mirza’s Quran academy. The attacker visited the academy and stabbed with a knife on Mirza’s arm. Officials have said that this assassination attempt has occurred when Mirza was having photos taken after the lecture.

Mirza in his complaint said although the attacker was reaching for his neck, he moved quickly and was struck on his shoulder instead. The assailant then made a second attempt to reach Mirza but was stopped by two men present in the hall, according to the FIR.

Police spokesperson Chaudhry Mohammad Imran of City police station said Mirza had sustained a minor injury in the incident and was allowed to go home after being given first aid.

However, Police have arrested two suspects following the attack while a case has been registered against them. 

One of the suspects has been identified as Shehzad Ali, a resident of Lahore.

After being arrested from the spot, the suspect accused Mirza of “deceiving people” and strongly took offense to his teachings, the police official said.

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In the First Information Report (FIR) of the incident registered on Mirza’s complaint under Section 324 (attempted murder) of the Pakistan Penal Code, the cleric stated that he delivered a weekly dars (Islamic lesson) at a research academy situated in a building.

Who is Mirza Muhammad?

Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza is a mechanical engineer and also a Grade-19 public officer in Defence Ministry. Mirza Muhammad, a resident of Machine Mohallah of Jhelum city is among the renowned scholars in the country. Furthermore, he has over 1,600 videos on his own YouTube channel. Mirza has regularly been uploading his recorded as well as live videos of lectures and speeches on his social media pages and has 4.6 million followers on his YouTube channel

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Reaction of Netizens

Many people on social media have condemned the extremely disturbing incident.

Many prayed for his health and safety.

Hamza Ali Abbasi also uses his Twitter handle to show his concerns towards Mirza.

This is the second failed assassination attempt on the Islamic scholar in the span of three years. As he faces severe criticism from scholars of different schools of thought.

Earlier, Jhelum police arrested him under section 153-A as he allegedly passed mocking remarks against other religious scholars.

Then Pakistani actor Hamza Ali Abbasi and anchor Shafaat Ali posted on social media condemning his arrest. He was later released on May 6, 2020. According to Mirza, one of his lectures was presented out of context. However, he later cited several books and the Qur’an in support of his opinion.

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