Record Bhoola leaks-Hareem Shah private pictures and videos-Hareem Shah Leaks


Famous Tik Toker Hareem shah again wrapped herself in a controversy. Hareem’s leaked pictures and videos with Record Bholla became viral on social media again the other day. Bhola Record is famous for hiring escort girls in Dubai in 5000 Dirham. 

The show starts when Hareem shah leaked pictures and videos of PTI high officials and ministers one by one. Bhoola who is the biggest supporter of the PTI government took it seriously and starts leaking Harrem’s pictures and videos with himself.

Bhoola also shared some pictures when Hareem and Bhola Record were together in a Hotel room with several other men and Hareem was sitting in his lap inappropriately.

 According to the tweets of Bhoola, it seems that he has a bulk of pictures and videos of Hareem to reveal.

Bhola posted a video in which he was talking about the threats given to him after Hareem’s leaks.

After her recent leaks, #HareemShah_leaks is now at the top trends on Twitter.


Recently her Live call with Sheikh Rasheed was trending on Social media, before that her Video call with Shaheen Afridi was circulated on media, but Hareem denied it and said: “There are many fake accounts on Twitter with her name and she doesn’t use Twitter at all.”

Now the pictures of Hareem and Sundal’s real CNIC and Passport pictures are circulating on media.

 This scandal leads to a serious concern about their safety. 

People out there also criticized the PTI Ministers for being with Hareem shah.

People are relating Hareem’s story with Qandeel Baloch.

In the past, we have seen the painful consequences of such scandals. Qandeel Baloch was one of them. Hopefully, this matter will end peacefully soon.

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