Raza Samo awaits response from YouTube for his Khujlee Family with tremendous support from Pakistani followers


Pakistani content creators are known for their comedy and laughter based content. They revolve around reviewing movies, series, dance videos, and everyday life incidents. Raza Samo, the creator of the KhujleeFamily (Youtube channel), is one of the top YouTubers in Pakistan with 1.35 million subscribers and 239 videos.

He recently got his channel hacked and became a victim of cybercrime. He got back the access somehow. But the damage was done for the long term. The hacker disabled the monetization on Youtube. Which means that he will not be able to generate any revenue from his channel. Upon various requests and appeals, Raza Samo tweeted that there is no answer from YouTube and the monetization issue prevails. 

This tweet, alone, has 5.7k likes and 8.8k retweets. His fans and followers retweeted this and made #razasamo a trend on twitter in Pakistan. The tweet is evidence of his growing concern and worries by every passing day. 

He has also claimed that if the monetization doesn’t come back, he will start from 0 subscribers again. He also asked help from his fans to subscribe there and help reach the same number again. 

This action also called for an important notion. Youtube should have an office in Pakistan. Another hashtag of ‘WewantyoutubeofficeinPak’ is going viral. Media influencers have called out too, in support of this argument. With a physical presence in Pakistan, content creators will have all their relevant concerns addressed.


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