RAW Agent Working As ASI Arrested From Karachi


Karachi: Raw Agent Working As Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI) Arrested By Police Authorities.

On Monday, a Sindh Police officer was arrested for having alleged links with Indian spy agency “Research and Analysis Wing” (RAW). The Special Investigation Unit (SIU) police and some other undercover bodies investigated into the matter and arrested the ASI.

Assistant Sub-Inspector – Shehzad Pervaiz – was posted at the police station in Shahrah-e-Faisal when the SIU and a secret agency arrested him. As per the sources, the arrested ASI was a resident of Gulistan-e-Jauhar. For further investigation, he has been moved to a secure location by the law enforcement agencies.

Offenses Of The Arrested ASI

According to the sources, the police officer was helping terrorist activities in the city. Moreover, he is allegedly a key part of big groups which are involved in the target killings of major icons in Karachi.

Aside from this, multiple mobile phones along with some unregistered SIM cards and two hand grenades were also taken from the ASI during the arrest, amidst some other items.


The report from the agencies’ revealed that the arrested ASI was affiliated with the London group of MQM. He was also receiving huge sums of money from the Mehmood Siddiqui.

Shahzad Pervaiz is the SECOND consecutive case in which an alleged terrorist linked with MQM-London was arrested by the authorities. Earlier, in March, the administrative judge of anti-terrorism courts reprimanded three suspects which were allegedly linked with MQM-London and a hostile Indian Spy Agency.  The individuals in that incident were in police custody for over a week. They were in alleged possession of illegal weapons and explosives.

Everyday Increasing Involvement of RAW in terrorism activities

Aside from the suspected terrorists, the police also recently discovered and caught a local network of India’s RAW agency, with the people involved being affiliated with the MQM-London. The additional IGP has also stated that RAW’s terrorism activities have increased tremendously recently, especially in Karachi. He said;

“We found during our investigations that the MQM-London terrorist is the ringleader of the RAW network in Karachi. The ringleader had been involved in terrorism here with his MQM-London colleagues on RAW’s instructions. He had been in touch with former APMSO (All Pakistan Muttahida Students Organisation) chairman Mehmood Siddiqui, who has been in India for the past many years on RAW’s payroll, and used to despatch funds through hawala-hundi for carrying out terror activities in Karachi.”

This is an alarming situation for the law enforcement agencies. This puts the security and integrity of not only the city but the entire country at risk. Hopefully, the authorities will handle this dire situation efficiently.


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