Raj Rani – Pakistan’s Very Own Dirilis: Ertugrul To Hit Televisions Soon


Now Reading: Raj Rani – Pakistan’s Very Own Dirilis: Ertugrul To Hit Televisions Soon

It is no news at this point that the Turkish drama serial – Dirilis: Ertugrul – took the country by storm, mesmerizing millions of people. Having more than 250 million views and over 6 million subscribers on PTV’s Ertugrul’s YouTube channel, it very quickly became a country wide phenomenon. People just absolutely adore both the drama itself and its entire cast. This overwhelming response from the country has been appreciated by the Turkish actors and actresses who were part of the show. Many of them have even already planned to visit Pakistan once the pandemic ends.

Now earlier in May, the controversial and famous writer — Khalil ur Rehman — revealed that he is going to start working on a show, along with popular actor Humayun Saeed, which will be inspired by Ertugrul. Though it looks like he was already beat to it. That’s right. The craze surrounding the Turkish show has led to the well renowned Sindhi TV network – KTN Entertainment – being all set to release its own version of the series.

Raj Rani Is The Title Of The Upcoming Show

Inspired by the Turkish drama phenomenon i.e. Ertugrul, the local production is titled “Raj Rani”. The teaser for the show released on KTN’s official youtube showcased things never before seen in local television productions. Of course, sword fights aren’t anything new but having women featured in said sword fights is something truly new. The nation has never witnessed such a thing before in the history of domestic productions!

Here’s the teaser for the show:

Upon closer look, the Ertugrul inspiration becomes even more clear. Aside from glorifying swords and the fights, it even seems to be featuring its own local version of Halime Sultan!


Some more screenshots from the show which are circulating on the internet showcase that the series is definitely going to focus on its female characters as much as their male counterparts. Like, have a look at these!

Ertugrul Ertugrul Ertugrul

More than 58 million people viewed Ertugrul Ghazi’s the first episode on PTV’s YouTube channel in two months, and the entire show has had more than 250 million views. Its clear that Pakistani media channels noticed it. From now on, we can expect even more drama series of the same nature to grace the television screens.

What are your thoughts on this? Would you be watching the show when it airs or not? Tell us in the comments below!


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