Rabi Pirzada's private videos leaked

Singer Rabi Pirzada’s private videos leaked on social media


For Twitter, it was a busy day after singer Rabi Pirzada’s controversial videos and pictures were leaked after she posted a tweet against the film ‘Kaaf Kangana’. Despite the many things that are happening in the country, Rabi has become the top trend on the Twitter platform.

Rabi tweeted just a day before her videos were leaked, “Seriously disappointing, @OfficialDGISPR we all make mistakes but never refuse to admit it or explain it like this.”

Many people on Twitter condemned the leaking of her personal pictures and videos and stood against the people who are blaming Rabi for the videos instead of the person who made the videos public. Some people criticized Rabi for making the videos in the first place while others criticized the person who leaked the videos.


Some people on Twitter also said that if they condemn Rabi for making such videos, then the sharing of such videos on social networks must also be condemned.

Some people said that it happened in response to her Tweet against the film ‘Kaaf Kangana’, while some blamed it on her old boyfriend.

At the same time, Rabi contacted the cybercrime department of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) to take action against people suspected of invading her privacy.

Rabi told that she had previously sold her phone to a store and that her data had been stolen. She also told that she had filed an application against the store.

According to the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act, The offender can be sentenced to five years in prison for infringing on the privacy of other people, with or without a fine of 10 million rupees. The law clearly stipulates that anyone who assists in the production and distribution of materials that violate the privacy of a person shall be punished by imprisonment for six months, with or without a fine of 50,000 rupees.


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