Rabi Pirzada’s cousin reveals the truth about the ones who leaked her private data


It has been sometime when famous singer Rabi Pirzada’s private pictures and videos were swarming on Social media. She became a controversial figure but she decides to quit showbiz and followed the righteous path for sake of forgiveness.

Recently, Rabi’s cousin gathers the courage to reveal the names of those people who leaked the videos and pictures of Rabi and now keep blackmailing her.



She further shares the contact numbers by saying “Not these numbers before she deletes these messages. I am sick and tired of this. Enough. We must speak. She must speak.โ€

Rabi’s cousin sister makes an emotional statement saying that she can no longer see Rabi in distress.

Apparently, those blackmailers started harassing her again. Therefore, Rabiโ€™s cousin had enough of their dirty schemes and she has revealed all the details about the harassers.



Most noteworthy, Rabi never reveals the details about the people who leaked her nudes because they are powerful people. Rabi prefers to stay silent in this matter for her safety.

Finally, Rabi’s cousin decides to reveal all this information from Rabi’s Instagram account while she was sleeping. This news caused a bustle on the Internet.

A look at Background

This all started after a day Rabi tweeted against the item song of Neelum Muneer in the film Kaaf Kangana.

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Rabi Pirzada seeks help from Cyber Crime Cell and told them that all the leaked data was on her old phone which she sold.

A campaign has started under the label #IamRabiPirzada on Twitter. A Dutch-Pakistani Fauzia Ilyas initiated the campaign.ย 

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Many people on Twitter support Rabi by sharing their own private picture with the label #IamRabiPirzada. On the contrary, many criticized Rabi for making the videos in the first place.

Some turned their anger on those who keep sharing Rabi’s private data without her consent.


Although, there is still confusion that why her cousin chooses Rabi’s account to reveal the truth. She should use her own. Some people think that it might be a publicity stunt and others are shouting out for justice and security for Rabi Pirzada.


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