Quest To Bring YouTube Office To Pakistan Has Begun

Quest To Bring YouTube Office To Pakistan Has Begun


Currently Reading: Quest To Bring YouTube Office To Pakistan Has Begun

YouTube is unknown to no-one and this multi-billion dollar technology giant has its established itself around the world. Not only that, this entertainment consumption platform has become a major and substantial source of revenue for many full-time YouTubers who have dedicated their time, energy and creativity in a pursuit to showcase their talent and content on YouTube. However, like many other tech giants which show hesitation while creating a physical existence in Pakistan, YouTube has also showed conservative behavior. All thanks to outdated legislation, security flaws in Pakistani IT sector and general disinterest of politicians. Recent events addressing the digital future of Pakistan have forced people to take interest in this matter and quest to bring YouTube Office to Pakistan has begun on Twitter, with the top trend being #WeWantYouTubeOfficeInPAK.

Why Does Pakistan Need YouTube Office?

If we go just a few years back, YouTube was one of the most insignificant media sharing platforms in Pakistan, mostly because of bans imposed by the national government multiple times. Pakistani people were far from being concerned about YouTube but times have now changed. With the rise of AdSense, affiliate marketing and e-commerce, YouTube slowly started to pop out as quite a strong candidate as income source for many content creators.

In addition, Pakistan’s extremely talented youth started taking YouTube seriously and Pakistan saw the uprise of many stupendous content creators like Taimoor Salahuddin aka Mooroo, Irfan Junejo, Raza Samo, Ducky Bhai aka Saad. These youthful creators changed the persona of Pakistani YouTube and people started to realize the magnitude of success and attention good work on YouTube can bring a person.

Quest To Bring YouTube Office To Pakistan Has Begun

YouTube Space is the name for the physical existence YouTube for content creators in just a few cities around the world, including Los Angeles and London. This space or office is brought into use  by local YouTubers to learn more and more about producing content as well as providing them assistance with everyday troubles that they may encounter out of nowhere.

Recently, Pakistan’s beloved Raza Samo’s hard grown channel got hacked and lost its ability of monetization even after being recovered. Raza Samo expressed his grief, disappointment and the possibility to start all over again from the ashes with a new channel. Many believe that this issue could have been resolved for Raza Samo if there were a YouTube Space in Pakistan, because YouTube officials in these spaces deal with legal and technical issues faster and much more efficiently.

Quest To Bring YouTube Office To Pakistan Has Begun


Movement On Twitter Likely To Make A Difference

Pakistanis on Twitter have expressed a dire need of YouTube’s Office in Pakistan because Pakistan now has several channels which have amassed more than 1 million subscribers each. YouTube needs to value its content creators in Pakistan and establish YouTube Space in order to counter their problems.

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