Nescafe Basement artisit Jahangir Niazi performed at Naval Anchorage

Qawali Night at Naval Anchorage


Naval Anchorage hosted a melodious Qawali night sightly organised by Vortex International featuring the Nescafe Basement artist Jahangir Niazi. The event was arranged in solidarity with the on-going Kashmir crisis and brought the issue to light for the event attendees.

The soulful music night was attended by people from society and others in the city cheering every bit of it. The Niazi brothers are known to the people of Islamabad for their extra-ordinary vocals and bringing colors to musical nights, but with their recent Nescafe basement song ‘Piya Re’, they got into the limelight nationally. The event was organised with perfection without any chance for mishappenings and it was made sure that families attending should be at ease. The front rows were the cosiest with carpets and resting cushions while the back rows have easy chairs for those who wanted to order food.

The best part about the Qawali Night was the NFAK mashup at the end which got the audience all hyped up with their arms whirling up in the air.

I love that housing socities are recognizing the need of such family events and bringing people together with such melodious Saturday nights.

Waqas Amjad, Vlogger

Passes were sold quickly and we were lucky to get our in time because it would have been very unfortunate not to attend such an awesome event. Qawali night passes jahangir niazi

Jahangir Niazi and Band:

The Nescafe basement artists Jahangir and Akbar Niazi are sons of Babar Niazi Grand Son of Late Muhammad Tufail Niazi on a mission to carry their family legacy.  There core band with these two at the vocals, Waleed Gurmani and Arbaz on guitar plays Punjabi folk, Classical and Sufi music. If you haven’t attended any of their events, I would suggest you follow their facebook page and grab the ticket for the upcoming event right away.


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  1. Dear,
    We appreciate that you describe our in event in such a beautiful words. Please do mention one more thing, that the event was organized by vortex international in your article.
    Much appreciated.
    Vortex international

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