Salahuddin the ATM thief

Punjab Police held responsible for the death of Salahuddin, the ATM thief.


In Pakistan, police brutality is certainly not an unknown concept. In the past Punjab police have formerly been known for their extremely harsh treatment of detainees, who use brute force to interrogate suspects. After the recent death of a “viral” suspect, people accused the Punjab police of doing the same with him. A few weeks ago, a man made humorous faces while stealing an ATM in Faisalabad.The social network found the thief’s cheeky attitude very interesting and the video got viral in no time.

The man was arrested on August 30 when he stole another ATM at Rahim Yar Khan. Recognized by Salahuddin Ayubi of Kamoke, he was arrested by the police at the Habib Bank Limited branch located at Shahi Road in Rahim Yar Khan. According to the Law, the case has been registered on the suspect.

 Although, he was not innocent but death is not the penalty for his crime.people are saying that this attitude of Police towards criminals is to be annihilated.also,there are rumors that he was not mentally fit which has infuriated the masses over Punjab Police.

In addition,his family has refused to take the dead body from the hospital until there is no legal action against the police officials. The media as well as the people are standing with Salahuddin’s family and people want to put an end to this violence by Punjab Police so there should not be anyone ever dying like him by the brutality of the police.

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