Punjab Police Receives Salary Increment of up to 120%


Now Reading: Punjab Police Receives Salary Increment of up to 120% 

In a recent turn of events, the Punjab government has decided to give the Province’s police a salary increment of up to 120%. This massive increase was announced in an effort to make the salaries of police officers equal to those of the Pakistan Administrative Services Group (PAS) officers. A notification has also been issued by the Finance Department in this regard. The notification has already been rendered in effect.

As per the Police Administration Allowance, the officers working in the Central Police Office (CPO) and Police Headquarters have had their salaries increased by 120 percent. Comparatively, the salaries of field officers saw an increment of 80 percent. According to the details in the issued notification, 240 police officers working under Headquarters and CPO are receiving the 120% increase in their basic salary. 123 DSPs and Assistant Directors, 53 SPs, 38 DIGs, 23 SSPs, along with 13 Additional IGs are included in this category.

In the same manner, the salary of Grade 21 officers was increased by Rs. 144,000 and Grade 20 officers had their salaries raised by Rs. 129,000. As for the 1236 officers belonging to Grade 17,18 and 19, they have also gotten a raise of Rs. 70,000, Rs. 86,000, and 115,000 rupees respectively. It is pertinent to note that this new notification will not be applying to those who have taken advantage of the Superior Executive License and also to those who are bound by contractual transfers to other departments.

Government’s Ever-Changing Policy for the Police


With the police finally getting the longer end of the stick, it is important to look back and know that it wasn’t like that just a little while ago. Earlier this year, when the coronavirus pandemic was starting to rapidly spread everywhere, parts of the salaries of its personnel were deducted for the Chief Minister’s Coronavirus Relief Fund. Despite working on front lines just like doctors and paramedics and having a large number of COVID-19 affected officers – on the orders of the IG – the force had contributed Rs. 1,000 to up to Rs.20,000 per official depending on their rank, from their monthly salary to the fund.

A little while later, it was also revealed that the police’s budget would be facing a decrement of up to Rs. 3 billion by the government. These moves received massive backlash from the police force. The officers of other departments such as PAS/PMS officers were getting almost double salary than the police officers in the same rank.

“The glaring discrimination would only discourage the police force,” a police official said, expressing his displeasure and disappointment in these decisions. After all of this and to put an end to this discrimination, the government’s Finance Department had to make this move so that the Police department would continue to work proficiently, having further motivation driving them.

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