Punjab Official Who Banned 100 ‘Blasphemous’ Books Under Fire For ‘Immoral’ Acts On Twitter


Now Reading: Punjab Official Who Banned 100 ‘Blasphemous’ Books Under Fire For ‘Immoral’ Acts On Twitter

Recently, a hundred school books were banned in a single day by the Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board for containing content that was deemed “blasphemous, anti-Pakistan and anti-Islam’.  The board said that the banned books had distorted facts about Pakistan and its creation, showcasing it as an inferior to India. “We are currently examining over 10,000 books being taught in private schools so the banned textbooks could be in thousands once we are done,” said Rai Manzoor Hussain Nasir – the managing director of the Board. Now, the same director is under massive fire from the people on twitter as cases of him liking immoral things on the platform have surfaced.

This decision was already receiving massive backlash from people all over the country as the move was deemed needless and nonsensical. People bashed this move, saying that Pakistan is being transported to the stone age. Even the Federal Minister for Science and Technology – Fawad Hussain – criticized this left and right banning of stuff, saying that Pakistan is not in danger from any books or apps, but rather the extremism that has overtaken the Parliament.

Hypocrisy Of The Board Director

As if the already massive backlash from users on the site wasn’t enough, people started criticizing MD Rai Manzoor even harder later on when the fact of immoral content being liked by the director’s official twitter account surfaced. With this fact, the move of banning the books just oozed of hypocrisy and people weren’t having any of it. As noted by users, the reason for banning the books i.e. “waging war against anti-Islam content” is totally invalid if the MD is publicly endorsing far worse content. (TW; Partial Nudity)

People also brought up previous instances of the director’s gross, disgusting and misogynistic behavior. Criticizing the fact that such a delusional person is responsible for the curriculum of Punjab, they also showcased those cases where he got trolled by people and got baited in showing his perverted side.

To add to the MD’s hypocritical behavior, it was noted that he also used to comment random things on girls’ pictures, bashing them. A pervert, hypocrite and now a misogynist too!


MD Rai Manzoor’s Response

Looks like all this criticism finally reached the MD and he released a public statement shedding light on the matter. In the statement, he talked about how the ban on the books stands as they do in fact contain ‘blasphemous and objectionable, anti-Pakistan’ content. He further said that publishers have been given a 7 day time limit to withdraw the printing of these books.

Talking about the twitter accusations, MD Rai said that 10 staff members in his office were fired as they were found guilty of corruption and he thinks that this is connected to the ‘security breaches’ on his official twitter account. He maintained that all the allegations of the various immoral acts on twitter are false and that he was a victim of a social media hack. MD Rai then declared that this is an ‘obvious attempt at character assassination’ and that his flawless track record of 27 years proves that.

Here’s the full statement;

Whether this is true or not remains unknown still.

Do you think that it was indeed a hacker who did all these things at different times or was it the MD himself and he is just playing the victim card now that its out? Tell us in the comments below!


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