PUBG Mobile Has Added Pakistani Servers

PUBG Mobile Has Added Pakistani Servers


Reading News: PUBG Mobile Has Added Pakistani Servers 

The shooter sensation game “Player Unknown: Battleground Royale” has made records because of its popularity around the world especially in Pakistan and India. This Chinese developed game has become one of the most played mobile games in recent times with its exotic players spending millions of dollars in in-app shopping to make their favorite game look better with skins and other peripherals. Even though it lacks the best graphics of modern day triple-A title games by a lot of room, the way this game works has drew attention of millions of casual gamers. Just last month, the game developers recorded a $226 million earning with in-app purchases.

PUBG Added Pakistani Servers

Pakistani gaming community had been spamming the official pages of this game on Facebook and Twitter pleading that the players in Pakistan had to connect to servers in Europe and servers in Singapore in order to play the game because they were the only servers with low ping. And that so called low ping was in reality, quite high if compared to normal gaming servers.

For people who do not know what ping is, your is actually the delay time or latency you will experience when two or more players will be playing a game from different parts of the world. If this latency is high, you will react late, and that would mean your reaction would be of no use especially in shooting games.

And in recent times, gaming has become much more serious than just entertainment. Pakistan now has strong and competitive gaming groups for several international games who have actually won global events and brought home pride and revenue. In such cases, the average of 172 ms latency which a normal Pakistani gets from European servers is nowhere a good deal. The recommended ping for competitive gaming is 30-40 ms and that is only possible with national servers. Well good news Pakistani PUBG players, because PUBG has added Pakistani servers to its list of servers.

PUBG Mobile Has Added Pakistani Servers

This was announced publicly on the game’s official Facebook page.

Reaction Of Pakistani Community

Pakistani gaming community has burst out of joy for finally getting itself acknowledged by a game developing corporation. Pakistan now owns a separate server that is dedicated to connect players in Pakistan only. This might not feel like a lot to some, but for gamers who have seen Pakistan being left behind in the gaming scene for ages, this is a big deal.

The best part is that the image shared by PUBG Corp ensures that Pakistani players will experience a maximum of 40-50 ms of latency or ping, which is highly respectable given the fact that Pakistan now owns a separate entity in the game and Pakistani players can now enjoy competitive gaming.

Recently, Pakistan is being acknowledged worldwide in the international gaming community including Call of Duty:Modern Warfare etc.

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It is good to know that Pakistan’s existence is finally being taken notice of in the gaming hemisphere.

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