PTCL is all set to launch its 24x7 WhatsApp service for customers

PTCL is all set to launch its 24×7 WhatsApp service for customers


Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has established its official presence on WhatsApp to better connect with customers and provide them with a convenient and customer-friendly communication platform.

To start using PTCL WhatsApp, customers have to first save the PTCL WhatsApp number, which is 033 1218 1218, and then send a message on this number to get the required service. PTCL WhatsApp, a fast, simple, and reliable communication tool, will provide quick answers to customers’ frequently asked questions and introduce customers to various options such as complaints registration, ordering new products or services, etc.

Moreover, customers can get information about all kinds of packages and promos, along with getting their bill information and much more. This service will be round-the-clock facilitation for the customers and will help bridge the communication gap.

On the launch of the WhatsApp service, Moqeem ul Haque, Chief Commercial Officer & Group Corporate Strategy Officer, said,

“Despite COVID-19, we have adapted to changing business environment and have taken proactive measures to provide convenience to our customers.”

“As one of our core values is ‘We Put Customer First’, we are always exploring new avenues to adopt the latest technology that will help in digitalization. The successful launch of our WhatsApp service will provide seamless services to our customers and enable them to get a timely response to their queries and complaints, thus ensuring enhanced customer experience,” he added.

Customers will have a more streamlined experience as this service will provide immediate responses to their queries and they can engage themselves at their convenience without the need to call on the PTCL helpline. PTCL, being a national carrier, endeavors to provide a hassle-free digital lifestyle to its customers across Pakistan.

PTCL SERVICES- A nightmare

There is no doubt that PTCL is facing backlash for the past few decades due to its poor services. Despite all this, PTCL continues to work the streamline and launches new technology from time to time.

The PTCL internet is one of the main reasons that users found their service so annoying actually. The most disgusting thing was the complaint procedure.

For online complaints, the user has to fill the complaint form and waits for a response from the company for 24 hours. PTCL needs 24 hours to fix your internet issue which is quite long. Complaint through call is another kind of pain. The user has to wait for at least 10 to 20 minutes for their call to be shifted to the services representative.

Finally, PTCL took a good initiative of using technology for the sake of betterment.

PTCL Current Services

Currently, PTCL has 3 products for which it is providing services to the customers. That includes TV, Internet, and Telephone.

For TV, PTCL is providing the services of smart TV with HD channels. For the Internet, there is a variety of services. Firstly the wireless internet and secondly the wireless internet.

PTCL telephone, which is the backbone of the company providing services to call around the globe.

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