PSO Hires Female Filling Station Attendants

PSO Hires Female Filling Station Attendants


To keep pace with the changing work environment, One of the famous Pakistani petroleum corporations hired female filling station attendants.
The Pakistani petroleum corporation, Pakistan State Oil (PSO) has hired female filling station attendants for the first time in PSO’s history. The news was shared on Facebook highlighting the importance of workplace diversity. This initiative was first taken by Total Parco, the company that hired female gas station attendants earlier this month.

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Taking to its Facebook account, Pakistan State Oil shared photos of its newly hired female attendants. In addition to this, the company also mentioned that this step has been taken to empower Pakistani women. The caption reads:

As the nation’s own oil marketing company, we understand that women constitute a vital part of our community and we undertake constant initiatives to empower them across our value chain.

Moreover, the company revealed its intentions of hiring more female attendants throughout the country. The Pakistan State Oils took the official Twitter account to express their concerns.

Staying true to our values of inclusivity and caring & giving, we have started hiring female pump attendants at our retail outlets to make them self-reliant and contributing members of society while also boosting their confidence and improving their quality of life. We are proud to have them on board and will soon increase their numbers nationwide.

PSO has followed the steps of Total Parco

Earlier this month, news of Total Parco hiring female gas station attendants broke the internet. Netizens rejoiced over the fact that women were finally being given a chance to become independent. This initiative was highly appreciated by many.

Total Parco Station has taken the bold initiative of employing women in what has always been essentially a male domain. Modestly dressed in pants, collared shirts, and scarves, young women go about filling up tanks of cars and motorcycles.

According to the Facebook post,

“The women were happy with the working environment and telling the co-staff is also really cooperative. We need to make people understand that poverty can only be reduced with women becoming active members of the working force.”

“With the massive increase in population, more members of the family need to earn,” she continued. “Help those around you in your house staff know about these opportunities.” It must be noted that the minimum qualification for the job is matriculation.

Pakistan State Oil has followed the footsteps of Total Parco and we hope more and more companies support this cause.

Certainly, a huge change is coming in Pakistan’s job market. Because, we always associate this work with man, until now. But well, thanks to the efforts of the petroleum companies, even this barrier has been broken. It is time women are allowed to cross over gender barriers.

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