Prince William and Wife Kate leave Pakistan after completing 5-day visit

Prince William and Wife Kate leave Pakistan after completing 5-day visit


Pakistan News: Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton left Pakistan on Friday for the United Kingdom after completing their five-day trip to Pakistan. It was the first royal visit to Pakistan in more than a decade.

British High Commissioner Thomas Drew and some other officials bid them farewell at the Nur Khan AirBase in Rawalpindi.

Before leaving the country, the royal couple paid a visit to the Army Canine Center in Islamabad where the UK supports the dog training program through which dogs are trained to identify different kinds of explosives.

In an interview with reporters, Prince William emphasized the importance of the country’s security relationship with Pakistan.

As reported by a royal correspondent for the Daily Mail UK, Rebecca English, Prince William emphasized the importance of his country’s security relationship with Pakistan while talking to the journalists at the facility.

“The whole week we have been hearing about security in Pakistan and it’s really brought home to Catherine and I the importance of the relationship between the UK and Pakistan.”, he said

William also said that many innocent Pakistanis have sacrificed their lives in order to protect their country.

“Those sacrifices from the Pakistanis should be acknowledged. Actually what happens here in Pakistan directly correlates to what happens on the streets of the UK.”, Prince William said.

Earlier in the day, a plane carrying the duke and duchess landed safely in Islamabad after they failed to land twice due to bad weather which forced them to return to Lahore. Due to this, the royal couple spent their night in Lahore at a hotel before returning to Islamabad on Friday.

“It was pretty bumpy up there.”, the Duchess said.

“If I’m honest … that was the most nervous I’ve ever felt in a plane,” said Chris Ship, the royal correspondent of ITV, who was also in the plane.

Due to the delay, William and Kate had to change their schedule for Friday, which is the last day of their 5-day trip. The couple had to fly over the Khyber Pass on their last day, but unfortunately, due to the bad weather, their flight to Islamabad was returned to Lahore twice on Thursday.

Due to lack of time, their visit to the Khyber Pass was canceled.




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