Prime Suspect in Lahore Motorway Rape Case Arrested from Faisalabad


Now Reading: Prime Suspect in Lahore Motorway Rape Case Arrested from Faisalabad

Following a weeks-long manhunt across Punjab for the rapists involved in the Lahore motorway rape case, the police has finally arrested the prime suspect from Faisalabad. After managing to evade the police for over a month, the suspect – Abid Malhi – is now being taken to Lahore where his DNA test will be conducted.

Malhi’s DNA test had been obtained thrice before from the motorway rape victim’s samples. Though for any formal proceedings to finally begin, his DNA test will be taken once again and matched with the samples. .

This major breakthrough marks the arrest of the second accused rapist of the motorway incident.  The other suspect who allegedly raped the woman in front of her children, Shafqat Ali aka Bagga, is currently in jail on judicial remand. An investigation was conducted by the Intelligence Bureau (IB), Special Branch of the police and other agencies of the suspect who then tipped off the Punjab Police of Malhi’s whereabouts.

This latest development was confirmed by Dr. Shahbaz Gill – Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Special Assistant on Political Communication.

President Dr. Arif Alvi labelled Abid’s arrest ‘a matter of national relief’. He added that an efficient trial along with a proper punishment will be given to the suspects if found guilty. He added that everyone, especially the women and children, should be allowed to feel safe in the country.

How was Abid Malhi finally captured?

While Shafqat – who soon confessed to the police about the crime and also tipped them about Abid – was arrested by the police during their raids of the assailants’ nearby village, Abid managed to avoid the law enforcers multiple times before. Ever since he has been on the run, Abid has evaded the clutches of the Punjab police four times by getting tips of their next raids via media reports.

According to Punjab government spokesperson – Fayyaz Chohan-  in order to finally capture Abid, the police tactfully laid down a trap and waited for things to ‘cool down’. When they did, using the Intelligence Bureau’s info about his whereabouts, the plan was set in motion. Malhi’s wife played a key role in his capture.

           The two main suspects in motorway rape case – Abid Malhi (Left) and Shafqat Ali (Right)

As per details, police gave Abid’s wife a sim with which she called him and told to meet her in Faisalabad. The police accompanied Abid’s wife and when Abid revealed himself, he was arrested by undercover policemen wearing normal clothes. Malhi was reportedly taken into custody without any resistance. This operation proved that Abid’s constant evasion of the police had only made them more determined to put him behind bars.

Repeat Offender

The investigation revealed that Abid Malhi is a repeat rape offender and had raped a women and her daughter back in 2013 but was bailed then, though his DNA and fingerprint records were saved in the lab’s data bank..

As the arrest was made with use of footprint-tracking as well as with DNA samples, this came to be known when the samples from the motorway crime scene had been sent to the Punjab Forensic Science Agency (PFSA). The lab’s system matched the samples and identified him as the same rapist from more than seven years ago.

According to Fayyaz Chohan, Abid Malhi will be made an example out of to prevent more cases like this. He assured that Abid will face the consequences of his actions and will not escape custody again.


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