President Arif Alvi Under Heavy Fire For Equating Corruption To The Trauma Of Gang-Rape

President Arif Alvi Under Heavy Fire For Equating Corruption To The Trauma Of Gang-Rape


Reading Now: President Arif Alvi Under Heavy Fire For Equating Corruption To The Trauma Of Gang-Rape

During a recent interview with President Arif Alvi, the famous journalist Hamid Mir asked him about his views on the new IPPs (Independent Power Plants) corruption report. In response to Hamid Mir’s question, President Arif Alvi came up with some remarks that are being highly criticized for their nature and extremity. President Arif Alvi drew a parallel for corruption and rape, stating that if the corruption report on IPPs is true, Pakistan has not only been raped – but gang-raped.

Why Did He Even Use Such Obscene Language?

If one studies the context, the IPP report identifies some power companies which have looted the people of Pakistan for their own financial benefits to a daunting level. Their corruption ranges to about $14 billion dollars since the commencement of their existence. These companies used the approach of self forensic audits which let them run with their hidden corruption without being noticed.

President Arif Alvi Under Heavy Fire For Equating Corruption To The Trauma Of Gang-Rape

The report also reveals the horrifying reality and true faces of seemingly noble personalities that made extremely cost intensive deals at the expense of interest of all Pakistanis. President Arif Alvi said during the interview that even though he felt sorry for his remarks but if the report is true, then there is no denial that Pakistan has not only been raped, but gang-raped. The predictability of people not being comfortable with his wording was just shy of a 10/10.

The Public Has Not Received His Statement Acceptable

As far as the public is concerned, almost everybody who is familiar of the nature of these words has felt extremely uncomfortable and has taken President Arif Alvi’s insensitivity with a stern hand. With rape being one of the most challenging and socially disturbing realities of Pakistan, use of such analogies to define a non-human parameter of corruption seems highly irrational and absurd.

– Consideration For Victims

People were of the view that such salacious comments are extremely hurtful for the unlucky victims who have sadly gone through the unimaginable and traumatizing events themselves. Educated and graceful people holding such important offices must at least be a little considerate before expressing their thoughts to the entire public media.

– Trivialization Of A Serious Narrative

The problem with such statements is the fact that rape is one of biggest social crime in Pakistan with unrealistically high statistical figures. Instead of fighting the absurd and unacceptable narrative by giving it exponential importance and instilling fear in it, when people opt to using these terminologies in their commonplace conversations, a gesture of normalization and trivialization goes out to the masses.

– Sad Reality

The word “Rape” instills a state of shock and fear all around the globe when used. But in Pakistan, this term has sadly been under-toned and used excessively to draw comparisons, contrasts and parallels for other issues – not presently but in the past as well. People expect the national stake holders to be compassionate and careful enough while making their statements because their audience is not limited to a specific group of people.

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