Police Officials Enforcing Lockdown Were Attacked by a Mob in Karachi and It's Alarming

Police Officials Enforcing Lockdown Were Attacked by a Mob in Karachi and It’s Alarming


Pakistan has witnessed an exponential increase in the number of patients affected by corona-virus in the last few days. Keeping the exasperating situation in view, Sindh government issued further directives to intensify the lockdown. In those directives, certain conditions were imposed on the performance of Jumma prayer throughout the province. Following the new notification, police officials enforcing lockdown were attacked by a mob in Karachi and it’s alarming to the government and general public welfare centres.

Advisory of Local Government for Jumma Prayer

According to reports, the local government had issued a detail notification, vividly explaining the procedure to perform the Jumma prayer. It was decided that at most 5 people will be allowed to enter the mosque including the Imam. This decision was made to reinforce social distancing and to prevent large gatherings. To make sure that these narratives were followed, the law enforcement bodies were to be called upon so that more people than advised do not enter the mosque.

Police Officials Enforcing Lockdown Were Attacked by a Mob in Karachi and It's Alarming

What Went Down

The police as advised, did not allow the attendees to enter the mosque which sparked the conflict. In an unpleasant turn of events, a provocative leader of the mosque, the Imam delivered hate speech against the government declaring such actions, anti-Islam. Aroused by the narration of the Imam, a small group of mosque attendees in Liaquatabad, Karachi brutally attacked the law enforcement body, Sindh Police. It was a dreadful sight, seeing the protectors being attacked by the ones being protected.

The police officers were pelted with stones and anything that could cause damage. They were dragged on the roads, lynched and tortured. Heart-wrenching sights were seen when the people who were supposed to cooperate in this time of crisis, preferred ignoring their social and humane responsibilities and attacked the constantly on foot Police force.

The police officials reported that the responsible culprits are being arrested for their actions. The Imam of the mosque is also under custody for hate speech and terrorism charges. Police officials have announced that serious actions will be taken against the people who do not follow lock-down guidelines. They have urged the citizens to show responsible attitude and abide by the rules defined in this time of chaos.

Police Officials Enforcing Lockdown Were Attacked by a Mob in Karachi and It's Alarming

Public Reaction:

Pakistanis have taken on to the social media and are completely bashing the illiterate religious leaders that have long been a dreadful component of this society. Their illiteracy and hate speeches have sparked serious conflicts in the history of Pakistan, promoting bloodshed and utter destruction.

One citizen went as far as declaring it self-destruction and calling it religious extremism which has thrown the people in the dark abyss of ignorance.

One can only hope that the upcoming days bring positive news for Pakistan and the world as this country has severely bore the brunt of this novel pandemic in every way.


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