Police Officer Suffering From Cancer Was Dismissed Just Before His Death

Police Officer Suffering From Cancer Was Dismissed Just Before His Death


Now Reading: Police Officer Suffering From Cancer Was Dismissed Just Before His Death

Pakistani citizens are usually seen tired and fed up of the Pakistani police because of its notorious corruption scandals and in general low performance. Everyday, hundreds of complaints are lodged on the PM Complaint Portal against local police stations for their non-cooperative and poor response times in case of any sort of emergency. But people often forget the fact that the human machinery responsible to regulate law and run these police stations have to face the worst kind of circumstances – not usually, but for their entire job spans. Lower rank police officers are degraded and kept underprivileged and influence of the powerful candidates thrashes the merit system.

Just recently, a very saddening example of power abuse was seen. Zain Awan was a Sub-Inspector in Gujranwala Police rendering his services in the public sector for quite some time. Unfortunately he was diagnosed with cancer and could not his fatal fight. However, the real reason due to which his death has made waves across the internet is the inhumane behavior of his seniors. The police officer suffering from cancer was dismissed just before his death for not reporting to duty. 

Mental Torture For SI Zaid Awan

His dismissal consequently resulted him in losing his salary but that was not even the worst part. The real reason this proved to be such a disaster for Zaid, as reported by his family, is the fact that he was an extremely passionate officer always trying to help people with his service. Losing his favorite job came as a huge blow to his morale which was quite necessary for his recovery from cancer. His family is of the view that he might have had some chances of survival if his will power had not been shattered by this incident.

SI Zaid Awan was no ordinary man. His intellect and knowledge was far better than his mates which are reflective of his CSS exam results. He had cleared the written exam and even the interview and was waiting for his allocation in the respective department of his merit. However, his department left him when he was in dire need of some support both morally and financially. His parents had sold the house for his treatment are now currently living in a rented house.

Police Officer Suffering From Cancer Was Dismissed Just Before His Death

Police Department Will Reward His Death As “In-Service”

When this news went viral, the police department realized its grave mistake and abuse of power by SP Usman who unknowingly shattered a person’s will to live. The police department of Gujranwala has released an official statement in which they have ensured that the deceased police officer will be given all honor and dignity of being part of the law enforcement agency and his death will be counted as an honorable “in-service death”. His family will be given all his incentives by the government of Pakistan.

However, this step by the Gujranwala Police is extremely controversial. The entire department passively helped in killing a valuable asset of the nation and to shrug it all off, the authorities think that some medals and incentives will equate his loss. His parents are in deep shock and long for their son to come back. People of Pakistan demand for a rigorous investigation against SP Usman and everybody who helped in calling off SI Zaid Awan on his death bed.

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