PM Khan termed Pension a bigger challenge than Circular Debt

PM Khan termed Pension a bigger challenge than Circular Debt


Prime Minister Imran Khan has said the issue of pension is even more serious than that of the circular debt and this problem must be resolved in a planned and organized manner.

On the cabinet meeting on Tuesday, PM raised the issue of pensions by saying:

“The government is paying Rs470 billion on account of pensions [to former government employees or their spouses]. This amount is almost equal to Rs500billion that we pay to the existing government employees as salaries.”

Imran Khan said the provinces are facing the same problem. “At many universities, the amount spent on paying pensions has increased more than spending on salaries. We will solve this problem even if we have to hire the world’s top consultant for it,” he added.

He said the past governments avoided making difficult decisions. Therefore, the state institutions are now on the verge of collapse.

“We will resolve the pensions issue as the country cannot withstand this situation.”

Pensions are more than Salaries

PM Imran noted that the annual funds spent on pensions have increased more than the funds spent on salaries in many government departments.

Moreover, there is a lot to do to uplift the poor segment of society. The premier said in the cabinet meeting held to mark his second anniversary of assuming the office of PM.
PM Imran added that Pakistan has successfully contained the Coronavirus outbreak. Moreover, the country emerged out of the economic crisis and keep tackling regional tensions after the Pulwama attack in the last 2 years.
While talking to media after the meeting, Minister for Information Shibli Faraz said

“The cabinet paid tribute to the PM for steering the country out of multiple crises with his visionary approach.”

Further, he said “Pakistan under the PM’s leadership set an exemplary precedent by tackling the corona pandemic. A major step was setting up the National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC), which handled the coronavirus situation scientifically.”

The Minister said that the Cabinet also commended the Prime Minister for bravely raising the issue of Kashmir in the UN General Assembly and for being an advocate of Kashmiris.

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