PM Imran Khan to mediate between Iran and Saudi Arab

PM Imran Khan to mediate between Iran and Saudi Arab


Pakistan News: Prime Minister Imran Khan offered to help reopen negotiations between Saudi Arabia and Iran during a visit to Tehran on Sunday, saying that they should resolve their conflicts and issues through political means and dialogue to achieve regional security and stability in both the countries.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said in a joint press conference with Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani after meeting in Tehran on Sunday that the trip was aimed at mitigating the tensions between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

He told that 70,000 innocent Pakistanis were killed in the war against terrorism, and that neighboring country Afghanistan is also suffering from the current conflicts.

“The main reason I came here with my delegation is that we do not want conflict in the region. Pakistan suffered 70,000 casualties in the last 15 years in the ‘war on terror’. Afghanistan is still suffering, and there is a terrible devastation in Syria. We do not want another conflict in this part of the world,” Imran said.

The prime minister said that Saudi Arabia is one of the closest friends of Pakistan and Riyadh has always helped us in all times of need.

He told that Pakistan does not want a dispute between Iran and Saudi Arabia and admits that this is a “complex issue”. The prime minister said he firmly believes that their problems can be solved through dialogue and discussion.

He said new conflicts in the region can have widespread effects. The Prime Minister said that a conflict in the Gulf region could lead to rising oil prices and increased poverty in developing countries.

He said, “Some big powers want a conflict between Iran and Saudi Arabia.” Prime Minister Imran said that his visit to Tehran was his decision and no one asked Pakistan to do so. He announced that on Tuesday, he would go to Saudi Arabia with a “positive attitude” and emphasize the significance of dialogue between the two countries to resolve the conflicts between them.

The Prime Minister concluded by thanking Iran for its support for the occupied Kashmir people. He said more than 8 million Kashmiris have been under curfew for more than two months. He said Indian authorities completely blocked communication in the occupied Kashmir area and that a humanitarian disaster occurred in that area.

Special Assistant on Overseas Pakistan, Sayed Zulfiqar Abbas Bukhari, Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi, and other officials also attended the meeting.

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