PM Imran Khan speaks in supports of Kashmiris

PM Imran Khan speaks in support of Kashmiris on Black Day


On October 27, Pakistanis from all over the world and Kashmir from both sides of the control line observed “Black Day” to reject India’s illegal occupation of Kashmir.

According to Radio Pakistan, there was a complete shutdown in Kashmir.

In a recorded statement aired on Sunday, PM Imran Khan assured that all of Pakistan is standing by the Kashmiri people.

Speaking to the Kashmiri people, he said that the purpose of his speech was to convey a message that PM Imran was their counselor and spokesperson. He said that the United Nations have recognized their right to self-determination and he will continue to fight until Kashmiris gain their rights.

The Prime Minister recalled that those who talked about military support or “jihad” in the occupied Kashmir are enemies of the people of Pakistan and Kashmir. Imran said that the Indian government has sent 900,000 soldiers to Kashmir to intimidate the Kashmiri people. He said, “This is their [the Indian government’s] objective.”

Imran Khan said that the Indian government is looking for an excuse to release military power on Kashmir. He added that the Indian government wants to initiate an incident similar to the Pulwama incident.

“The Modi government wants to hold Pakistan responsible [for unrest in Kashmir] and hide from the world what they are doing in Kashmir. It is a political struggle.”, he said.

Since August 5th, frustration, anger, and fear in the region have been increasing, when the Indian government deprived the occupied Kashmir of its semi-autonomous status and imposed curfews and a communications blackout on Kashmir. The suppression has continued for more than 80 days now.

PM Imran Khan said, “Pakistan demands the immediate lifting of the curfew and communications blackout as well as rescinding of India’s illegal and unilateral actions in the occupied territory”.

President Dr. Arif Alvi said in his speech: “Indian occupying forces are perpetrating unspeakable crimes against Kashmiri people, including women and children, with complete impunity.”

The Punjab government cooperated with the federal government to mark the Black Day. Basharat Raja, Minister of Justice, chaired the meeting of Kashmiri Committee Punjab. He said that the longest and worst curfew in occupied Kashmir was extremely regrettable.


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