PM Imran Khan launches ‘Digital Pakistan’ program


Prime Minister Imran Khan launched the ‘Digital Pakistan’ program on Thursday, an initiative of the government aimed at bringing the latest technology to the public.

A press release from the Prime Minister Office said: “The Vision sets Pakistan’s digital ambition and has been designed for the government and the private sector to work towards a digitally progressive and inclusive Pakistan.”

PM Imran Khan said while addressing the inauguration ceremony in Islamabad with the introduction of this campaign, the full potential of the youth and women’s contribution to the economy will be unleashed.

The Prime Minister while speaking at the launching ceremony of the initiative said that he regretted that he had not launched it at the beginning of his government.

“I should have given attention to Digital Pakistan earlier. This is the most important thing for Pakistan right now, especially its youth. The whole world is moving forward digitally and we have been left behind. But you all know, and must be tired of hearing it, but we had an unprecedented debt and all our attention was focused towards stabilizing the economy and our currency.”, the PM said.

PM Imran said that this is a very big opportunity as the youth population of Pakistan is the world’s second-largest which can prove to be the strength of the country through this initiative. The women of the country will also be able to fully contribute.

He said, “E-governance is necessary to curb corruption, which is rampant across the country at all levels, and this initiative will ease the lives of the citizens. Our government will put all-out efforts to promote Digital Pakistan. The future of Pakistan is very exciting.” “E-governance is the best way to make the lives of people easier.”, he added.

The vision defines Pakistan’s digital ambitions and has been designed both for the government and the private sector to work together to achieve digital progress in Pakistan.

According to a statement, it brings together multiple initiatives already launched by the government and identifies other priority areas that will be launched in the coming months.

The strategic pillars of the program are

  • Access and Connectivity
  • Digital Infrastructure
  • E-Government
  • Digital Skill and Literacy
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The statement added, “These pillars, supported by a forward-looking policy and a broader legal framework, will set us on the path to becoming a truly Digital Pakistan.”

The Prime Minister then repeated his famous words, “Ghabrana Naheen hai” and promised that exciting times are coming ahead in the country.

“The country will experience a quantum leap ahead.”, he said.








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