PM Imran Khan is getting trolled for wearing PJ’s. Why so?


We are going through the most difficult times today. The Corona pandemic has engulfed the entire world and many also believe that the world is now at its edge.

But guess what?

Yes! We still have some people who judge everyone by their looks. This is quite disgusting how people trolled PM Imran Khan on wearing PJs at the meeting.

All this started when Prime Minister Imran Khan made an appeal for rich creditors to give debt relief to poor countries, during a cabinet meeting. Imran Khan chooses to wear his tracksuit while addressing. Certainly, there is little concern for clothing in the current crisis.

Surely, PM has no idea that his tracksuit became the center of attention rather than the appeal he made.


Apparently, Most of the people who use their Twitter handle to troll belong to a privileged background. Ultimately, all they need is a fake standard to maintain.


PM Imran Khan is not the only one who wears his tracksuit while addressing an agenda. Before him, many of the leaders, politicians and other eminent personalities all around the world prefer to wear casual clothes.


It’s astonishing! but people will never stop surprising you. Many of them did not refrain from taking further matters into their own hands and comes up with the price and brand of his tracksuit.


When things go into the public’s hands they get personal without a hunch. Finally, it comes out that it is Ralph Lauren Polo for £139.

Incredible Supporters

And out of nowhere the critics and supporters have a new war to fight over PJs. This war somehow turns toward the most hilarious thing. The supporters keep posting the screenshots of his tracksuit when it was on sale and make critics believe that PM buys it when it was on sale. Like seriously?


Besides all this, many sensible netizens came out to support Imran Khan’s agenda.


Let us know in the comment section that which side you stand!


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