PM Imran Khan Has Offered India Help To Overcome Coronavirus

PM Imran Khan Has Offered India Help To Overcome Coronavirus


Reading Now: PM Imran Khan Has Offered India Help To Overcome Coronavirus

This news comes as an irony to many, but it is true that PM Imran Khan has offered India help to overcome coronavirus. PM Imran today expressed his concerns over the condition of the unstoppable virus in India and said that amidst this lockdown that has been imposed on India, it is highly likely that a lot of poor people will suffer. He shared a link to an article from Express Tribune in which it has been projected that 84% of the Indian households will be pulled into a severe recession and will see a drastic decrease in their income. PM Imran has offered his help in a financial transfer system, which he believes is highly effective and transparent.

Cash Transfer Program

Prime Minister Imran Khan has expressed pride and sense of achievement over his financial team’s designed cash transfer program in the country which, according to him, has successfully worked in a way that over 10 million needy families have been provided with more than Rs. 100 billion for additional help in this time of crisis.

He further said that about 34% of the Indian population will not be able to survive more than a week of a lockdown without government’s additional support. Indian Financial Minister had approved of a package of about Rs. 1.7 lac crores for the people in need, specially directed towards farmers, migrants and the disabled. However, that package soon enough became notorious for corruption as the allocated money could not be transferred to the intended people.

PM Imran Khan Has Offered India Help To Overcome Coronavirus

PM Imran Khan has assured India that if they opt the cash transfer program designed by Pakistan, they will surely be able to transfer money to the intended people with extreme transparency and shocking efficacy.

India’s Reaction To This Offer

India has unsurprisingly been making a fool out of Pakistan’s offer of help. Indian public is of the view that a country in which the economy is on the verge of disaster, companies are going bankrupt, poor people are getting poorer and the patients are increasing exponentially everyday, such a country should not and must not find itself eligible enough to offer other countries help when it cannot predict its own tomorrow.

PM Imran Khan Has Offered India Help To Overcome CoronavirusAlso, the Indian government has very recently announced a package of a mind-boggling Rs. 20 lac crores, an amount which cannot be supported by Pakistani transfer system according to Indian financial analysts.

Should Pakistan help other countries before settling down the turmoil at home?

What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments.


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