"Plan To Take Over Gilgit Baltistan Is Ready" - Says Indian Ex-Army Chief

“Plan To Take Over Gilgit Baltistan Is Ready” – Says Indian Ex-Army Chief


India’s ridiculous claims just do not seem to have an end. India has told the world a lot about its oppressive ambitions against Pakistan since its birth. But the largest democracy in the world does not seem to commit to its promises – or should we say, fails to do so despite its foolish attempts. India has never wanted to settle with Pakistan on Kashmir issue and the issue about possession of  disputed territory yet remains a potential threat for third world war. For many years, India has made heroic claims about its strategic abilities and has tried to hamper Pakistan’s growth with its furious chauvinism. And now once again, an Indian ex-army chief who is now an ambitious politician, has told during an interview that plan to take over Gilgit-Baltistan is ready.

Indian Ex- Army Chief VK Singh’s Interview

VK Singh gave an interview to a private channel in which he claimed to have news about the completion of an invasion attack which will enable India to take their control back on Gilgit Baltistan. He called Gilgit Baltistan “Pakistani Occupied Kashmir” and said that India was ready more than ever to take it back from Pakistan’s possession at the right time. He was of the view that Pakistan did not deserve to own Gilgit Baltistan because it has failed to manage its other provinces and Gilgit Baltistan has been left alone to decide its fate.

"Plan To Take Over Gilgit Baltistan Is Ready" - Says Indian Ex-Army Chief

He refused to reveal any information about the nature of Indian army’s plan. He rested with his answer that the plan has had been in the works for a great period of time and he does not know when it will be carried out. He only knew that Indian army is looking for the appropriate time to execute its malicious plan against Pakistan. Action will be taken as soon as the right time comes, he said.

India’s Obsession With Kashmir

India has never actually seen Pakistan as a country with its own integrity and existence. India’s malicious intent has always been a hindrance in the development of Pakistan. Ever since Pakistan was created, India has tried to take forceful control over Pakistan’s territory. Several wars and Indian attempts of sabotage later, the world saw two beautiful pieces of mother nature being divided among two countries as Indian Occupied Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan in Pakistan.

India has never really forgotten its loss of Gilgit Baltistan. It is one of the most beautiful places on the planet with thousands of natural resources. The people of these areas are hospitable, hard-working and full of zeal. It is hard to digest for India the fact that such a gift of nature lies in the hands of its conventional rival Pakistan. Indians can come up with no plausible justification yet they do not refrain from their rants of ownership of Gilgit Baltistan.

"Plan To Take Over Gilgit Baltistan Is Ready" - Says Indian Ex-Army Chief

On the other hand, India has failed to provide the very basic human rights in Kashmir that it forcefully captured with trickery. It is ironic when an Indian politician feels like “justice” is not being served by Pakistani government to the people of Gilgit Baltistan, when his own country has successfully become the greatest human rights violator for its people. People in Indian Occupied Kashmir are being killed, injured, raped and thrashed on demands of freedom from tyranny. But India seems to be more focused on its delusional sense of power and its thirst for invading sovereign land.

"Plan To Take Over Gilgit Baltistan Is Ready" - Says Indian Ex-Army Chief

India must not forget what Pakistan is capable of. The memories of February 27, 2019 will live an eternity as a nightmare to Indians for when they tried to open a war front with Pakistan. They ended up with a fantastic tea in their hands. From time to time, Pakistan has made a bold statement in the face of its rival, for when the need arises, the entire country is a solid wall for a pity Indian plan.

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