“Pilot Sisters” Who Flew The Coveted Boeing-777 Named In PIA Fake License Scandal


Now Reading: “Pilot Sisters” Who Flew The Coveted Boeing-777 Named In PIA Fake License Scandal

Maryam Masood and Erum Masood are the iconic pilot sisters who made history when they became the first ever case of two real sisters having flown the same weight category aircraft concurrently back in 2016. They flew the coveted Boeing-777 aircraft of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) as officers and got appreciated on a national level being able to simultaneously fly it. The appreciation came about as this was a feat unparalleled in the history of the country.

“There is no known record of two real sisters having flown the same weight category aircraft concurrently”, said a PIA spokesman, highlighting this feat. Unfortunately, all this lauding has came crashing down as the names of the sisters appeared on the list of the PIA pilots holding fake licenses.

The Pilot Sisters Are Allegedly Fake License Holders

Keeping in mind the PIA plane crash that took place earlier in May of this year and how the initial report of the incident showed the pilots’ lack of concentration amidst the flight, PIA has suspended 150 of its pilots after the authenticity of the pilots’ license was under suspicion. The Aviation Minister also cited an inquiry report earlier which showed that 40% of all pilots in Pakistan had fake or ineligible licenses and that they had asked other people to take their exams. After this, PIA has grounded 150 of its pilots (Read about it in full detail here). and the list shows that the two pilots sisters are also among the suspended people.

Here are their names in the list:


One might wonder how it was figured out that they were fake license holders and not deserving of the praise they got. Well, they made it very easy by not even trying to hide it.

Both Of Them Were Involved In Recent Incidents

Their names being on the fake license list is actually relieving in the sense that you can now at least know that actual pilots will show better handling and responsibility of their duties. That is because back in 2019, an ATR plan of PIA (Flight No. PK-605) which was going from Islamabad to Gilgit skidded off the runway while making an attempt to land at the Gilgit airport. Now grounded PIA female pilot and one half of the “pilot sisters” – Maryam Masood – was flying the plane.

Similarly, the younger sister, Erum Masood, was allegedly caught sleeping amidst a routine mission inbound flight from the United Kingdom (UK), irresponsibly putting the lives of the passengers at risk. According to the reports, both of them are allegedly related to a former top boss at the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

This is truly shameful as it damages the image of the country internationally, especially after the acclaim these two sisters received. Hopefully, they are penalized accordingly.


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