PIA Suspends 150 Pilots, 40% Pilots In Pakistan Airlines Have Fake Licenses

PIA Suspends 150 Pilots, 40% Pilots In Pakistan Airlines Have Fake Licenses


40% of Pakistan International Airlines Pilots accused of having dubious fake licenses.
PIA Suspends 150 Pilots after doubts on their license’s  authenticity emerged.

On Wednesday June 24th, Aviation Minister Ghulam Sarwar Khan claimed that 262 Pilots in Pakistan are working based on fake degrees. In an ongoing session of Parliament, Ghulam Sarwar was presenting an inquiry report based on a plane crash incident in Karachi. Pilots were blamed in the report of negligence and held fake licenses. He stated:

“Pakistan has 860 active pilots, which includes PIA, Serene Air, and Air Blue pilots as well. The inquiry which was initiated in February 2019 showed that 262 pilots did not give the exam themselves and asked someone else to sit for the exam on their behalf.”

Ghulam Sarwar emphasized on the fact that most of these Pilots do not have a flying experience. He also addressed problems like Nepotism and Corruption that have plagued PIA. He said that the 40% of fake license holders also includes many pilots who are inactive flyers. The Minister further revealed that Pilots were appointed based on political affiliations and basis.
Merit was heavily ignored while appointing these Pilots, and now an inquiry had been launched. He briefed that all such Pilots would be issued show cause notices and charge sheets. They will also not be allowed to fly any plane during the inquiry. After the A8303 Plane Crash, an inquiry was launched into the Pilots Credentials as they were found at fault. The Minister also blamed Pilots of being overconfident and lack of focus while on duty.

PIA announced that it will be grounding 150 Pilots
PIA Suspends 150 Pilots, Launches Investigation into Fake License Holders

What PIA Had To Say :

On Thursday, PIA announced that it will be grounding 150 Pilots. PIA spokesperson Abdullah Hafeez said that the Airline would launch an investigation into all Pilots with alleged fake licenses. He also confirmed that the Airline will ground all relevant Pilots till the investigation has been completed. The spokesperson added that they have already dismissed Six Pilots with fake licenses. He stated that PIA Chairman also sent a letter to PCCA asking for further details of Pilots holding fake licenses. The Chairman said all necessary action will be taken against such Pilots.

PIA Spokesperson Abdullah while speaking to a new channel said:

“Grounding so many pilots will affect the PIA flight operation, We have asked the Civil Aviation Authority to send the list of the remaining licenses.We acknowledge the report and are working on making our standard better.
Out of our 434 pilots, 150 will be grounded as of today. It will totally cripple us. But we cannot take risks with this.”

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