PIA Pilot Spots a UFO Next to His Aircraft in Karachi


Now Reading: PIA Pilot Spots a UFO Next to His Aircraft in Karachi

A Pakistan International Airline (PIA) pilot reported an unidentified flying object UFO in Karachi airspace on Sunday. The UFO was flying higher than the aircraft.

It is being described as a “Foo Fighter”. The term “Foo Fighter” was used by Allied aircraft pilots during World War II to describe various UFOs or mysterious aerial phenomena seen in the skies over both the European and Pacific theaters of operations.


According to details, the PIA aircraft was flying at 35,000 feet when the flight captain noticed a white round object above the jet.

The flight crew immediately started filming the object and after landing found that similar sightings had been reported in the past across the world.

The flight captain said that the round object had a metal ring around it and was emitting white light from the center.

He added that it was difficult to determine whether the object was hovering or moving slowly due to relative motion.

While sharing the video of the incident, UFO hunter and Blogger, Scott C. Waring, told that PIA pilots have provided the most focused photo of a “foo fighter” in the history of UFO research.

Scott said that it proves that aliens follow planes and keep a close eye on human activities.

Here is the video of “foo fighter” spotted in skies above Karachi by PIA pilots:

Past Sightings:

A similar incident happened two years ago when a PIA pilot reported seeing a UFO above his aircraft.

He had said to Air Traffic Control, “We saw a UFO which was flying about 150 feet above our aircraft. The UFO is dark brown or black in color and looks like a spaceship.”

After this, the pilot changed the flight path and continued flying to his destination.

This report caused a panic in the aviation industry. Authorities suspected that the UFO was a land operated drone.

On this suspicion, the CAA reported the incident to the police and asked them to search the area.

It was said that the UFO had been spotted in the same area where the laser beam incident was reported by the pilots.

There were also speculations that the UFO could be a weather balloon because Pakistan Meteorology (Met) Department launches balloons in the air to collect weather data. These balloons are sent in the air four times in 24 hours.

Met Department Meteorologist Abdul Rasheed had told that these balloons can go as high as 10 miles. But, he ruled out the possibility that the UFO was a weather forecasting balloon.

“Weather forecasting is part of pilots’ training and they are familiar with these kinds of balloons,” Abdul Rasheed had said.

We cannot confirm if it was a real UFO or not but there have been many reports of UFO sightings from all over the world in past many years. Also, recently some strange things have been happening all over the world which are hinting towards some mysterious things.

Last year some mysterious pillars, which were called Monoliths, started to appear in some countries. And they used to suddenly disappear. But no one could find the hidden meaning in the mysterious Monoliths appearing and disappearing around the world.

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