Petrol Price Has Been Raised By A Whopping Rs. 25

Petrol Price Has Been Raised By A Whopping Rs.25


News Today: Petrol Price Has Been Raised By A Whopping Rs.25 

Government has once again failed at the hands of a fabled mafia. The petrol price has been raised by a whopping Rs.25 with immediate effect from today, 26 June 2020. The PTI government has decided to increase the rates for petroleum products by Rs. 25.38 for the month of July justifying the decision by the increase in global crude oil prices. The originally devised recommendation was to raise the prices by an inhumane number of Rs. 31. But the government rested upon Rs. 25 only, considering it a much reasonable price point. Quite predictably, Pakistani people have nothing but wrath on their minds for the government.

Notification By Finance Division

The finance division issued a notification addressing the increase in price for all petroleum products. The once reasonably costing Rs. 74/litre petrol will now cost about Rs. 100/litre. Diesel has recorded an increase of about Rs. 21.31 and will now cost about Rs. 101/litre instead of the previous Rs. 80/litre. Diesel is one of the most common fuels used in agricultural machinery and vehicles and this sudden spike will surely help in deteriorating the agriculture sector even more than before. Furthermore, most common transport vehicles use Diesel as fuel and now the layman should brace himself for the exponential increase in inflation Pakistan is going to witness in the coming few days.

Petrol Price Has Been Raised By A Whopping Rs. 25

Even the most poor has not been spared. Kerosene oil is the fundamental domestic fuel in many poor households because it is much cheaper than LPG. Also, LPG is not available in remote areas. Kerosene oil price has been raised by Rs. 23.50 raising the current price of Rs. 35.56/litre to Rs. 59.06/litre. Cold stoves appear to be a true but dreadful reality in the near future especially in this time of uncertainty and health as well as financial insecurity.

Industries are also likely to bear the brunt of this ridiculous increase in prices because most industries use Light Diesel Oil. The LDO previously cost around Rs. 38.14/litre and with an increase of Rs. 17, now LDO will cost Rs. 55.98. It is a shame that the sector of the country which is likely to generate the most revenue is not facilitated at all.

Public Reaction

There can be only one public reaction on decisions like this. An absolute hateful top trend on Twitter and a not so decent lingo by the common man. Pakistanis are bashing PTI government for reporting false international market rates. Such falsification at government level is truly shameful.

What the future holds for this country and its government, remains yet unknown.

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