This engineer from Peshawar will Help KP Government start Aircraft Production


Now Reading: This engineer from Peshawar will Help KP Government start Aircraft Production

Gaining his fame from building ultralight helicopters in his backyard from scavenged and repurposed parts along with his brother, this man from Peshawar is now going help the Khyber Pakhtun government in starting aircraft production. This local engineer is a former Air Force employee and will now lead a provincial project to build ultralight aircrafts, which will be used for rescue as well as tourism purposes.

Formerly residing in the Landi Yarghajo village of Peshawar, engineer Qazi Sajjad Ahmad had gained a lot of media attraction earlier by building Pakistan’s first Ultralight single-seat helicopter. With this, he became the first ever Muslim to achieve this milestone. Claiming that he has succeeded in manufacturing an ultra-light single-seat helicopter, Qazi Sajjad had stated that Pakistan could be in possession of advanced helicopter-manufacturing technology if the government-assisted him in the manufacture of advanced helicopters.

This could be used in rescue operations in natural calamities during inclement weather conditions. Tourism side of things could also benefit from these. The demonstration backing this claim was also uploaded on the “Qazi brothers” official youtube channel.

The Government Takes Notice

The KP government apparently took notice of this and has now hired Sajjad as the research and development coordinator for the local production of aircrafts and helicopters. This revelation was made by Adviser to KP Chief Minister on Science and Information Technology – Zia Bangash – while presiding over a meeting of local researchers. He remarked that the provincial government is aiming to utilize local researchers, engineers and scientists in creating solutions for local manufacturing.

As for assistance given to Qazi Sajjad, the advisor stated that the government will provide full assistance to him in establishing a research workshop. It will also help Sajjad in coordinating with local and international companies. Bangash praised Qazi Sajjad’s expertise as well and commented;

“60-year-old Sajjad has over four decades of expertise in the sector and has built helicopters and light aircraft together with his brother and nephews. Not only did he built them, but also demonstrated their viability through successful flights.”

The KP government has continued to take measures that would help advance all sectors, ranging from asking for yearly reports of their performance from the ministers to moves like this that would highlight the country’s hidden talents. Hopefully, Sajjad’s claims bear truth and we are really seeing the start of something truly remarkable here.

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