People Enraged As Islamic University President Buys IPhone Worth Rs. 3+ Lac From Fund


People are enraged as Islamic University, Islamabad President buys a “golden” IPhone worth more than 3 lac rupees from the varsity’s fund.

Misuse of public funds and corruption at higher AND lower levels has unfortunately become a common thing in our country. It is not even considered ‘news’ anymore if an authoritative figure, whether it be a politician or some higher-up at a government institution, uses the public’s hard earned money to fulfill their own hearty wishes.

Whether they are from any field, sector or even an institution, there have been a huge number of cases where corrupt individuals have been exposed to the public and received the consequent rightful criticism. One such case has recently surfaced from the International Islamic University, Islamabad. In this incident, the varsity’s president – Syed Asif Kamal – used the institution’s funds for his own needless expenditure.

  Syed Asif Kamal – Additional Director (Electrical) At International Islamic University, Islamabad

Grand Misuse of Institutional Funds

A notice recently surfaced on the internet which revealed that the Addl. Director (Electrical) used the university’s funds to buy a ‘gold’ IPhone worth 3 lac, 12 thousand and 80 rupees. The notice read that the Purchase and Stores Section issued 3,00,000 rupees to Mr. Kamal while reimbursed the remnant amount of 12,080 rupees to him.

Although this notice surfaced recently, the transaction is actually from last year. Regardless, this incident has since become a topic of discussion, with people bashing the President for this grand misuse of the varsity’s funds on twitter. Here’s the full notice:

Backlash On Twitter

Students must pay thousands upon thousands in university fees and for them to just be used for purchasing such luxurious and no doubt, needless items for the personal use of the higher-ups has enraged the public. People have started criticizing the president along with pointing out some rather infuriating facts.

A visiting lecturer even pointed out how she has still not received her IIUI salary from last semester.

A student also pointed out that the university is not giving students scholarships because of lack of fund. Well, now we know where all that money went.

Meanwhile there were some others too who started mentioning the country’s authority’s to take notice of the incident.

It is truly disappointing to see that the President of an ‘Islamic University’ is doing things that are in complete conflict with the teachings of the religion. May Allah provide guidance to everyone to be considerate of others.

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