Pentagon Releases Three UFO Videos By US Navy Pilots As Video Evidences

Pentagon Releases Three UFO Videos By US Navy Pilots As Video Evidences


Unidentfied Flying Objects or UFOs have seemed intriguing to researchers and seekers of exotic life for a very long part of history. Many a times in the past, there have been sightings by people belonging to random walks of life, who have witnessed something very bizarre in their everyday sky. There is a certain part of society that is of the firm belief that these sightings lead to the fact that aliens do exist, and that they are far more advanced in their technology and intellectual capabilities than us humans.

The Pentagon, headquarters for Department of Defense of the United States, has recently released a total of three videos of UFO sightings recorded by US navy pilots – and this has caused a spark in communities all around the world which have indulged themselves in demystifying the video evidence to reach to a certain conclusion.

Pentagon’s Stance

It seemed quite strange at first, that one of the most important institutions of the US Defense is interested in releasing videos of something that has not even been identified. But Pentagon released a statement soon after, stating that the authorities had seen the released videos leaked on different platforms on the Internet and that the people were not sure about their credibility. As it appears, the videos were indeed already leaked in 2004 and 2015.

Pentagon Releases Three UFO Videos By US Navy Pilots As Video Evidences

However, The Pentagon found it necessary to officially release the videos because of certain misconceptions circulation around those videos. The Pentagon stated in its official release that they wanted to clear any misconceptions by the people about the authenticity and nature of the videos, 2 of which were leaked by The New York Times and the last one being leaked by Tom DeLonge, a former singer. Also, The Pentagon felt the need to clarify that sensitive systems or capabilities about their defense were present in the footage and it did not involve any military action.

The Videos

The videos themselves are well, quite interesting in their mysterious nature. The videos, when keenly observed, raise a lot of questions. Here are the officially concurred videos by The Pentagon that were leaked in the past.


This video from 2004 presents before us an oblong-shaped object in the sky moving at very fast speeds. The video was recorded by the radar system of a USNavy F/A-18 Super Hornet fighter jet – which is well-known to have been equipped with one of the most sophisticated and advanced radar and infrared system in the world.

The unidentifiable object seems to be moving with a constant velocity till a certain point in time, and at the end of the video, the object just randomly takes a sharp left and accelerates at a speed which is being termed as “unprecedented”.


The second video has a certain spooky vibe to it. This video includes the conversation of pilots aboard once again, US Navy F/A-18 Super Hornet which brings chill down the spine. The fighter jet is known to have the best tracking sensors there are and the pilots themselves are specially trained observers and weapon system operators. So chances of a glitch of corrupted information by the radar is out of the question.

The object is oddly shaped – nothing like an object that would follow the conventional laws of aerodynamics at such high speeds so smoothly. The pilots state that there is a whole bunch of them in the video. The wildest part? It literally rotates. This video really raises questions and some serious alarms related to safety.


The object in this video seems in a hurry. It can be seen moving at astounding speeds in a linear fashion and its size is very small for anything a human can fit into. And drones definitely cannot outperform the speeds of a F/A-18 Super Hornet, which definitely seems to be the case here as the radar system finds it hard to lock a target on the object.

The specially trained pilots can be heard amazed by the sheer speed and trajectory of the object. They struggle to keep a fixed visual on the object – as well as try to find out what actually it is.

Global Buzz

All these videos have sparked a global interest in aliens, UFOs, research and exploration of intelligent life that might share the universe we enjoy as the lone claimers. Even so, a US senator has appreciated and demanded efforts and investigations to be carried out in interest of national defense and scientific growth.

Do you believe in aliens? And are they a justifiable reason for these UFOs? Do let us know in the comments.


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