PEMRA banned Jalan from airing over the inappropriate content

PEMRA banned Jalan from airing over the inappropriate content


The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) banned the drama serial ‘Jalan’ on Thursday. The drama used to telecast on one of the popular entertainment channels, ARY Digital.

PEMRA banned Jalan from airing over the inappropriate content

As per the issued notification, PEMRA has put an immediate ban on the drama as it goes against the “social and moral ethics of Pakistani society”.

Moreover, the statement reads that PEMRA had given repeated warnings to the channel ARY Digital to revise the content of Jalan. However, the channel refused to comply with PEMRA’s warnings and it has now been banned under Section 27 of the PEMRA Ordinance. Consequently, PEMRA has now put an immediate ban on the drama.

Why ban ‘Jalan’?

The drama serial Jalan is about an illicit affair between a man and his sister-in-law.  It features Minal Khan, Areeba Habib, Emad Irfani, and Fahad Shaikh in lead roles.

PEMRA banned Jalan from airing over the inappropriate content

Minal Khan played the role of the sister who is extremely jealous of her elder sister. She wants everything that her sister has including her husband. For this very reason, Nisha a.k.a. Minal uses all the inappropriate ways to get what she wants.

On the other hand, Asfandyar a.k.a. Emad Irfani, the brother-in-law married her sister-in-law after her continuous advancements.

Ever since the drama began to air, there has been widespread outrage over the drama’s conspiracy.

PEMRA added that it had been getting complaints from viewers daily through the Pakistan Citizens Portal, PEMRA social media accounts, and PEMRA call centers. Even after many warnings, the channel didn’t bother to mend its ways.

PEMRA’s action against ‘Ishqiya’ and ‘Pyar Ke Sadqay’ 

On September 4, PEMRA banned the repeat telecast of ARY Digital and Hum TV drama serials ‘Ishqiya’ and ‘Pyar Ke Sadqay’. As the content of the drama was against the norms and social values of the society.

PEMRA banned Jalan from airing over the inappropriate content

Pyar Ke Sadqay was based on a story of harassment. Omair Rana played the role of a father-in-law who threatened his daughter in law to agree on his indecent terms.

However, in Ishqiya, the girl named Hamna sacrifices her sister just to hide her relationship before marriage. Moreover, Hamza a.k.a. Feroz Khan keeps blackmailing Hamna a.k.a. Ramsha Khan after her marriage.

Therefore, a notification issued by the regulatory body on Friday stated that the ban has been imposed under Section 27 of the PEMRA Ordinance.

Section 27 (prohibition of broadcast media or distribution service operation) states that broadcasting or re-broadcasting or distributing any program is prohibited. If PEMRA believes that the program is pornographic, obscene, vulgar, or is offensive to the commonly accepted standards of decency.

Meanwhile, PEMRA had also requested all stakeholders to immediately review the content of their future dramas. Otherwise, PEMRA will not allow airing any inappropriate content.

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