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PayPal Coming To Pakistan


PTI government from the start is making effort to bring Paypal( global standard for fast money transfer ) to Pakistan. This would help and support 25 million internet users in Pakistan.
The local freelancers who work on multiple websites like fiver, upwork find it difficult to withdraw funds and receive money from their international clients through alternative sources.

PayPal is a popular online wallet for e-commerce related activities, having its own dispute resolution system and security.

PayPal, which works in almost every country except Pakistan, It hasn’t been introduced in Pakistan for unknown reservations by the company. The previous governments have also tried to convince the PayPal authorities to start operations in Pakistan, but they failed to meet PayPal’s requirements.

Sources from The Senate Standing Committee on Science and Technology say that it has been informed on Monday that a “major development can be expected in two weeks” regarding the PayPal matter.

Nasim Nawaz, from the Ministry of Science and Technology Secretary, briefed the committee on the update :

The policy related to PayPal is at the advanced stage and important development is expected in the next two weeks.

The senator, Mushtaq Ahmad while talking to the committee inquired about why Pakistan is still struggling to have access to PayPal. In addition to that, he further added that the online economy of Pakistan could not be boosted without a payment system like PayPal. This would not only help the freelance workers but also boost the economic taxation system in Pakistan.


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