Pakistan's Iconic Rock Band 'Strings' announces to part ways after 33 years

Pakistan’s Iconic Rock Band ‘Strings’ announces to part ways after 33 years


Pakistani rock band Strings, known for all-time hit songs like “Dhaani” and “Duur“, have announced that they are ending their 33-year-long musical partnership.

The group took to social media on Thursday evening to announce their decision to disband, saying that the members will share an “inseparable bond”.

The Message

In the emotional message, the band thanked their fans for their incredible love and support over three decades. 

Strings band parted their ways after 33 years

“Hey, guys. This post is a bit different from the usual. We have decided that today, 25/03/2021, is the day we graciously get to conclude STRINGS,” the farewell note read.

“The past 33 years have been incredible for both of us. It’s so rare to have the chance to be able to do things like this and we are infinitely grateful to all of our fans for making it possible. We hope you found it worthwhile as well.

“While the band technically may not be together anymore, both of us share an inseparable bond that will connect us no matter where life takes us. Thank you so much for everything,” the post concluded.

Fans reaction

Needless to say, the news left fans upset as many expressed their sadness over the group being permanently disbanded.  

Some of the fans demanded a final concert before parting their ways.

Strings band parted their ways after 33 years

Fans are not in the mood to accept this farewell and rejects it straightforwardly.

Many fans appraise their beautiful music and their efforts to bring the best for us always. Others, however, credited them for inspiring them to make and learn music.

Many can’t bear this farewell and claimed it as a heart-breaking incident.

About Strings

Strings-the band was formed as a college band by four students Bilal Maqsood, Faisal Kapadia, Rafiq Wazir, and Kareem Bashir Bhoy in 1989.

However, it saw ups and downs in their journey as a collective. They ruled the music scene in the 90s and gained popularity in Pakistan as well as India. The band’s last album Thirty released in 2019.

Despite two successful albums ‘Strings I’ (1990) and ‘Strings II’ (1992), the band took a break for eight years.

Bilal Maqsood and Faisal Kapadia then revived the band in 2000 and released their third album “Duur”, which was a huge hit.

Strings went on to compose “Hai Koi Hum Jaisa“, Pakistan’s official cricket World Cup song in 2003, before releasing their fourth album ‘Dhaani‘ in the same year.

They also collaborated with Indian band Euphoria for the track “Jeet Lo Dil“, the official song for the India-Pakistan cricket series in 2004.

The band later lent music to two Bollywood films – Zinda (2006) for the song “Yeh Hai Meri Kahani“; and “Aakhri Alvida” for “Shootout at Lokhandwala” (2007).

Certainly, Strings have some very solid reasons to take this bold step. However, this may break the hearts of many but we still wish them the best of luck. We appreciate the efforts of Strings in bringing music to our lives for 33 years.

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