Pakistan's first female railways' station manager removed within hours of her posting

Pakistan’s first female railways’ station manager removed within hours of her posting


Despite all the progress and development around the globe, working women in Pakistan are still facing some unbearable nonsense issues. On August 7, Syeda Marzia Zehra became the first female station manager of Pakistan Railways (PR) on August 7, 2020. Unluckily the brilliant woman only gets a chance to perform her duty for a few hours.

The female officer from Pakistan’s Central Superior Service’s Railways Group couldn’t retain her position as Lahore Station Manager as a union of station masters allegedly severely opposed her appointment.
As per media reports, the PRs’ administration immediately withdrew the appointment of Zehra as station manager, which was in addition to her existing responsibility as assistant transportation officer-1 (ATO-1), PRs’ Lahore Division, allegedly under the pressure of the union.
While talking to media, an officer from the department revealed the bitter truth by saying

“Appointment of a CSS woman officer as Lahore station manager and taking the chargeback from her within seven to eight hours has happened for the first time in the history of railways in this subcontinent,” he said.
However, the union of station master’s plays monkey tricks and stripped her off within a few hours of her duty.

Zahra-A CSS Officer

Sources have affirmed that Zehra got the position after PR’s Lahore division admin removed Younas Bhatti from the office.
Subsequently, Zahra talked to the media and told that the PR administration withdrew the notification of her appointment on the evening of August 7. It is noteworthy that Zahra is from the 44th common of the CSS’s railways group.

“Mr. Younas Bhatti was removed from the office on various complaints. After this, a notification for my appointment as station manager on a look-after basis was issued on Friday. But it was, later, withdrawn the same day,” she said.
On the other hand, according to Pakistani media, the station masters were against hiring a CSS officer for the post of Lahore Station Manager. Union Central Chairman Muhammad Irfan reportedly said it was against the law and the civil rights of station masters.
Hopefully, the working women of Pakistan will face fewer difficulties in their future endeavors.

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