Pakistan’s Economy on the way towards prosperity


Pakistan Economy News: Pakistani current deficit is surplus in the first time in the past four years for October 2019.

Finally, good days are coming for Pakistan. Pakistan is facing so many problems from the day it came into being. From the very first day of its existence, Pakistan’s current account was in the loss but now PM came up with the Good news that “First time in the history, Pakistan’s current account is in surplus now”.

PM claimed, “For the first time in four years, the current account deficit has turned into surplus”.

While addressing a ceremony on Nov 20

“China is progressing by adopting long-term strategies, now we are heading towards adopting the same approach”.


He further added that it is very significant for a country has long term policies for growth and development purpose. Moreover, he quotes the other competitor countries including Bangladesh and India, which are now on the pave of the development just by following this long term approach.

By mentioning the loans taken from Foreign countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, China, and UAE, PM Imran Khan is thankful for the countries for their friendly help but he further added that this is hurting the dignity of Pakistan.
PM Imran Khan sadly said that when he was elected he got the government which was facing economic issues and have no foreign Exchange reserves But now he is happy to see that Investors are taking interest in the stock exchange.
Imran Khan proves himself by taking such steps for the progress of Pakistan. PM already has been the favourite of Pakistani people since 2013. He didn’t succeed in the last elections but he wins the hearts of his followers. he is truly a visionary man.
People of Pakistan appreciates him due to his visionary thoughts and the steps taken by him to gain the goals.

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