Memes of Pakistan – 11 top Pakistani memes in 2019


Happy New Year to all Pakistanis and meme lords. 2019 has finally come to its end and unlike previous years, this one granted us with the funniest meme (so far). Social media viral content runs on daily memes, leaked videos and juicy gossips. Here we are, presenting you the most hilarious and most celebrated moments of the year in memes.

1. Sarfraz Trolled during Pak India Match

Sarfraz was caught yawning during the match. It was although turned into a controversy later on that players spend a night before Pak-India match in some clubs and they had not enough energy to perform well due to lack of sleep.


2. The Face of an Angry Cricket Fan

A cricket fan caught by the camera in a World cup match. He was angry at Pakistan’s performance. His angry expressions became a meme for eternity. Even the World Cup also cemented Pakistanis as having the best sense of humor even in the worst of times.


3. “Tea is Fantastic”

Wing commander Abhinandan caught by the Pakistan army during surgical strikes from India. After his jet was shot down, Abhinandan wasn’t retained as a prisoner. While recording his statement he was served with a cup of tea and said: “Tea is fantastic.” This effort intended to bring peace among the two nations but the Tea went viral. The viral memes of Abhdinandan are still circulating on social media.

4. Mehwish’s Tamgha-e-Imtiaz


Mehwish Hayyat won Tamgha-e-Imtiaz from the Government of Pakistan on her admirable work in showbiz, but she was unable to gain appreciation from people on this Tamgha. People trolled her and most of trolling was vulgar.

5. PTI Minister’s Cute Cat Ears

Photos of KP Minister of Information Shaukat Ali Yousafzai and his fellow officials sporting cat ears and whiskers went viral when the social media team running the live broadcast on the official PTI KP Facebook page forgot to disable the cat filter. That was the funniest of memes daily and kept trending for days.

Pakistan Memes 2019 2020

6. Usman was friend-zoned

A Girl tweeted about his friend Usman that how he brings food for her late at night right after her text. She also mentioned that “Everyone needs a friend like Usman”. But unfortunately, Usman was friend-zoned and Pakistani awam felt for him.

7. Jewellery of Tomatoes

Tomato had very high prices. Pakistani people are even good at handling high prices with memes. Even a bride wears a jeweller made by tomatoes just to show how expensive they are.

 8. “2 Takkay ki Aurat”

Although the drama “Meray Pass Tum Ho” has become a cultural phenomenon after the iconic dialogue of “2 Takkay ki Aurat”, which went viral and people turned it into memes.


9. “Abay Salay”


Moin Akhtar was the reason behind this Legendary “Abay Salay” memes. Moin Akhtar had said this again and again while role-playing at a show named “Loose Talk. Now it’s become a viral trend on social media.

10. Brutal Murder of Trees and a Cow by India

Indian Media spread the news that India attacked Pakistan and Killed 300 people but at the end of the day, our PM Imran Khan trolled them by felling bad for 10 trees which destroyed by India during their failed surgical strikes.

11. “Pechay Dekho Pechay”

Last but not least, the cutest kid Ahmad which gains his popularity from “Pechay Dekho Pechay.” Afterward, we had seen him on TV shows with his cute smile and acts.


2019 was definitely a year full of iconic memes. What was your favorite one?

I wish you all a Happy New Year from the Pineapple Pakistan team.






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