Pakistanis Will Be Able To Get Electric Cars At 0% Interest Rate

Pakistanis Will Be Able To Get Electric Cars At 0% Interest Rate


Reading Now: Pakistanis Will Be Able To Get Electric Cars At 0% Interest Rate

With companies like Tesla Motors and BMW setting new standards for what an electric car can do and reducing the buying cost for their family sedans, the fact that more and more people have been switching to buy electric cars rather than petroleum powered cars is not surprising. Electric cars are a more viable and efficient solution for conserving natural resources in the long run. Especially if a major part of the world population switches to electric cars for everyday commute, it is very likely that climatic deterioration will start to decrease.

First world countries have embraced this concept very seriously and a large number of their people have electric cars as their all-do vehicles. Pakistan had been lacking behind in the advancement in the electric automobile industry because of several other more serious issues. However, in November of 2019, Pakistani government gave approval for the National Electric Vehicles Policy, or more ambitiously known as NEVP. The goal of this policy is to gradually make electric vehicles available to common man which will in turn make 30% of the Pakistani population to opt electric vehicles by 2030 and a whopping 90% by 2040.

Good News By Javed Afridi

Javed Afridi is a dominant business figure of Pakistan, most commonly seen funding and sponsoring Pakistan Super League (PSL). He has shared some very interesting incentives that the people of Pakistan could avail by switching to this greener and more modern technology. He told that Pakistanis will be able to get electric cars at 0% interest rate contrary to very high import taxes and interest rates for petroleum powered cars from abroad.

Pakistanis Will Be Able To Get Electric Cars At 0% Interest Rate

The incentives included that there would be no toll taxes on highways and also the charging stations would be available for public to use without any taxes or additional charges. Even though these claims seem to be extremely relieving for the common man, the current economic turmoil does not favor any development or success in this regard.

Government’s Aim With NEVP

PM Imran Khan has been ambitious for a climatic change in Pakistan for the greater good for many years now. His Billion Tree Tsunami projects as very reflective of his vision to make Pakistan a greener and healthier place to breathe in. Keeping that in mind, government has been taking steps for the launch of electric cars too, in an attempt to rejuvenate and catalyze the betterment of climatic conditions of Pakistan.

Also, because Pakistan will not be importing foreign electric cars, rather producing its own, it will open a unlimited number of possibilities of employment in engineering and technical departments. A large part of Pakistan’s labor can be employed with bare minimum training and the selling of a domestic product like a Pakistani electric car will do wonders for our economy. Manufacturing our own cars will help future proofing them with spare parts and mechanical expertise in cases of accident or damage.

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