Pakistanis Troll Indians who Thought Actor Ahad Mir was Actually a Pak Army Captain!


Now Reading: Pakistanis Troll Indians who Thought Actor Ahad Mir was Actually a Pak Army Captain!

Indian patriotism and the insecurity of civil and military bad leaderships have always landed them in hot water, whether it be labelling pigeons of all things as Pakistani spies or declaring a locust attack a trained terrorist attack by us as well. In more ways than one, these ‘accusations’ have, time and again, brought humiliation to them.

Every single time, Indian extremists try to do the superiority propaganda against Pakistan but without fail, fall prey to Pakistani trolls, Much of it is to do with the fact that they go over the top in their patriotism and don’t even research while posting something, being blinded in the love of their country. Despite the repeated failure of such attempts (some intentional while others not), it seems like they still haven’t learned their lesson.

In the latest installment of such humiliation, the Indians mistook an actor for a Pak Army officer and celebrated the Indian Army’s ‘win’ for killing him in a skirmish at LoC! The story began when Vikrant Rajput – a devoted Indian –  in his blind love for the Indian Army, posted a picture of famous Pakistani actor Ahad Raza Mir from the drama serial ‘Ehd-e-Wafa’, declaring him as a Pak Army captain Sabir who got Martyred in Neelum Valley by Indian officers.

Pakistanis Troll the Gullible Indians!

Of course, Pakistanis weren’t ones to waste any time to troll this Indian patriot on his mistake, as always. The tweet soon began to trend as Pakistanis overwhelmed it with their hilarious comments, slamming the fake news in the process. Such a sarcastic comment was a user posting a clip from the drama serial and calling it “exclusive footage” of the Pak Army Captain at LoC. He went full in to trick any other gullible Indians in the comment by paying his respects to the ‘officer’ as well! 😂

Other trolls didn’t hold anything back either. They went ahead and trolled Indian Cinema along with the post too.


Bet the Indians mistook Major Amir Liaquat Hussain as an actual Pak Army Officer that was ‘beaten’ by the Indian Army as well! 🤣


It seems like Pakistanis’ impeccable humor and acting served to confuse the Indians further as the thread was filled with people labelling Actor Ahad Mir as someone they knew. Man the twitteratis had a field day with this one, didn’t they? 😆

Some other absolutely hilarious examples of Pakistani humor from the thread:


Looks like Captain Sabir is really enjoying his afterlife, isn’t he?


Well, that was surely a ride! We would definitely offer a free advice to our Indian neighbors, especially the blind Patriots. That being that they should try doing a bit of research before posting something like this or else they are basically inviting people to embarrass them.

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