Money Heist Part 4 Islamabad

Pakistanis to the Professor’s rescue in Money Heist 4


Islamabad: Yes we would do anything for a professor from remote surgeries to hacking the government cameras in Spain. That’s what Pakistanis binge-watching Money Heist 4 are saying all over social media and live streams. The worlds most popular show Money Heist features Islamabad, Pakistan as a centre of operations for the second time in part 4.

Previously, Money Heist Part 3 showed Pakistani hackers helping Professor with the heist, but Part 4 got professor taking the Pakistanis a little more seriously.

Well, the fans take it as a compliment and can’t stop tweeting about it. After exactly 1 hour of its release #MoneyHeist4 was trending on Twitter in Pakistan and has been the top trend since. Here is what the MoneyHeist Pakistani fans are saying

Pakistani Fans are so proud to be represented in the top-rated show in the world.

And when we as much as have a little glory abroad, Naya Pakistan comes in right away.

Money Hesit 4 Episode one just melted our hearts when Dr. Ahmed from Islamabad Pakistan comes to rescue Nairobi who is later (Spoiler Alert) killed by the guard for the Governor of the Bank of Spain.

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