Pakistanis stuck in China return home


After the resumption of aviation operations between Pakistan and China, Air China also resumed its operation. China Airlines flight CA 945 arrived in Karachi with forty-five passengers.

Chinese Consulate General was also present at Karachi Airport. Earlier, the South China Airline flight reached Islamabad with more than 150 passengers. All passengers undergo scanning in China.

On Monday, Qatar Airways flight carrying 40 Pakistani students landed at Islamabad. At airport health officials screened them for the contagious virus and then allow them to go home.

The health minister of Pakistan, Dr. Zafar Mirza, Chinese Ambassador Yao Jing, and other high officials were there to receive the passengers at airports.

Health Minister assures that none of the passengers we received was suspected to be infected with the virus. He further said,

“All the passengers including chines and Pakistani were screened at the airport first and then each one of them was made to sign the special health declaration form.”

The passengers of these flights mostly include Pakistani students who are studying in Wuhan’s universities. Ambassador Yao assured that:

β€œThe Chinese consider Pakistani people as their fellow citizens and our government is taking care of all the needs of Pakistani students there.”


Pakistan has received thousands of diagnostic kits for the deadly Coronavirus; However, No confirmed case of the coronavirus has been detected in Pakistan yet. Although some patients suspected to have this novel virus, they have tested negative. Hopefully, no more kits would be required in Pakistan.

Pakistan on January 29 temporarily suspended air operations for China due to the Coronavirus, which was restored after being suspended until February 2.

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