Pakistani Web Series "Churails" is Back for Viewing Again

Pakistani Web Series “Churails” is Back for Viewing Again


Two days ago, there is hype on all over the social media over the ban of ‘Churails”. This Pakistani web series banned due to a viral video clip from the web series.

But now “Churails” is back again. Surprisingly, facing a ban for a day this series survives to gain its position again without facing any cuts or edits. 

Pakistani Web Series "Churails" is Back for Viewing Again

Who banned the “Churails”?

Pakistani web-series ‘Churails‘ being allegedly banned by Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) and Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA). Now, it seems the series is available for viewing again.

Two days ago, the Pakistani web series apparently removed from the Indian digital streaming platform Zee5. That is to say, only for Pakistani audiences. 

Earlier the obvious confusion can be seen because neither PEMRA, PTA nor Zee5 clarified anything. The reason behind the ban was unclear but now all this scenario starts making some sense.

The story behind the ban

The leading characters of “Churails” including Sarwat Gilani, Yasra Rizvi, Mehar Bano, and Nimra Bucha got the spotlight. People really appreciated the storyline and the idea of ​​women’s empowerment. Some people also expressed concern about the web series, but overall it was a great success.

Pakistani Web Series "Churails" is Back for Viewing Again

The dark days of criticism started when a couple of days ago a monologue from ‘Churails’ went Viral. When Hina Khawaja Bayat boldly talking about the way she gets promotions from her boss by giving him some favors.

Consequently, the netizens demand the ban of such bold scenes. This outrage was also increased and quick actions were taken as Zee5 has now taken down ‘Churails’ for the Pakistani audience.

On the other hand, internationally affiliated journalist Hasan Kazmi revealed that PTA did no such thing. Zee5 took down ‘Churails’ for Pakistani users after public outrage over a viral video clip from the web series.

Will this happened if its an Indian Series?

We all agreed that if such type of dialogues were used in an Indian or American web series, Zee5 will never show any concerns.

Churails is not a prime time show. Its an online series, only for a mature and targeted audience. After the sagging popularity of Churails. Zee5 plays a cheap stunt to gain back the audience.

Pakistani Web Series "Churails" is Back for Viewing Again

Even so, it does not mean that an independent Indian content platform will comply with the directive of a Pakistani government agency. There are still no such good relations between Pakistan and India.

Isn’t it interesting, how Zee5 took such action over the outrage of the Pakistani audience?

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