Pakistani Textile Company Acquires a Denim Factory in California


Now Reading: Pakistani Textile Company Acquires a Denim Factory in California

A Pakistani Textile Company headquartered in Karachi, called Artistic Milliners – a global leader in denim fabric and garments – has acquired a denim factory in Commerce, California. The company now plans to invest in this facility and turn it into a state-of-the-art design and production hub, with the basis being Supply Chain 4.0 principles.

The facility, now under the new name Star Fades International (SFI), is continuing to provide wash and finishing services to a customer base that ranges from large international retailers to even specialty premium labels. “This acquisition gives us a strategic foothold in the USA, in a region with significant geographic and demographic advantages,” says the founder of SFI and executive director at Artistic Milliners – Murtaza Ahmed.

He added,

“California has historically been an important cornerstone for the international denim industry. In 2021, we anticipate increased demand from international retailers and brands for near-shoring capacity, digital design services and sustainable solutions. Our investment in this factory gives us a launch platform to meet that demand as we build the factory of the future.”


Being Pakistan’s denim company with an operational factory in Los Angeles, Artistic Milliners is looking to raise Pakistan’s profile in the world as a sourcing destination. The new factory aims to expand not only the company’s global footprint and accelerate its speed-to-market capabilities, but also looks to provide design-at-source at a time when businesses have diminished travel i.e. due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The growth strategy for SFI relies on the solid foundation of a denim washhouse having a well-established reputation for great quality service, leading-edge technology and a local team possessing extensive denim experience. As of now, it is able to process 100,000 units per month and plans are already underway to increase that capacity to a whopping 300,000 units monthly.

SFI currently offers a wide variety of wet and dry processing capabilities, along with sustainable finishing technologies which includes lasers, e-flow and ozone machines. All of this manages to create authentic and innovative finishes while reducing the amount of water and chemicals that are used in a typical denim laundry. Much of the laundry’s longtime staff has been kept the same, including Tony Rodriguez, who has been declared the Chief Operating Officer of SFI.


“Business has been steady in 2020, despite the pandemic, and we’ve seen no slowdown during the transition to SFI. We are looking forward to expanding our capabilities and capacities for existing customers and potential new business,” Rodriguez stated. SFI is now backed by the vast offerings of its parent company Artistic Milliners i.e. the largest denim exporter in Pakistan.

This will make it so SFI can offer its retailers, manufacturers and brands immediate solutions for their denim programmes, as well as tailor custom offerings for start-up and premium labels. “Not only does this acquisition give our brand partners a US-based manufacturing option but it will also serve as the nucleus for co-creation and collaboration from fibre to garment at a scale and depth never witnessed before in our industry,” asserted Artistic Milliners CEO Omer Ahmed.

His claims are backed as well as Artistic Milliners ranked third on the Top 10 list of Pakistani textile exporters earlier in the year 2017-2018. Employing 19,860 people in 17 factories and mills in Korangi Karachi and other industrial areas and having a total annual turnover of $256 million, AM is surely going to go even higher with this acquisition!


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